Hey 👋 We've changed for the better! Tribe is now Bettermode—the all-in-one customer community platform! Take a look

A customizable community platform for businesses

Behind every successful company is the ability to engage and delight customers. Tribe enables you to do just that 🎉

The engine empowering
community-led businesses

Solutions for
thriving brand communities

customer education


Help customers see your product’s value through onboarding, content resources, events, and continued engagement.

customer sucess


Scale customer success with your community as a hub to improve activation, onboarding, and product adoption.

customer support


Reduce support costs with a knowledge hub and improve agent productivity with a self-service support community.

customer relationship


Encourage discussions around your brand to nurture connections, learn more about customers, and build a loyal fanbase.

brand leadership


Facilitate discussions around your industry, organize events, and provide a space for professionals to network under your brand.

product feedback


Make informed business decisions with authentic customer feedback, collect feature requests, validate concepts, and drive innovation.

No-code customization

Themes to suit your brand

Thoughtfully hand-crafted color palettes, style, and typography to easily get started with a community that looks good. Modify it however you need to make your community yours.

Blocks with endless possibilities

Visually build every aspect of your community without touching a line of code. Select, arrange and configure the Blocks to create unique communities. Enjoy the flexibility of layouts, header elements, and navigation options.

Apps for additional functionalities

Plays well with your favorite tools

Tribe integrates with industry-leading software so your community is fully connected with your business workflow. Everything from Slack to Intercom is just a click away.

tribe third party integration

Adds new capabilities to the community

The Tribe App Store features a list of modular apps so you can install the apps that are right for you. Automate and enhance the functionalities of your community or build your own apps.

tribe app store

Integrated into customer journey

Powerful embed tools bring social experience into your apps and website. Drive engagement and community participation by reaching audiences wherever they already exist.

web app frame
mobile frame
mobile embed community feed

All you need to build
an engaging community

Start a modern brand community with no-code tools.


Spaces are flexible containers to build a robust community structure.


Track key metrics at a granular level and score community success.


A combination of automation rules and robust tools to keep the community safe.

Member access

Granular controls to keep the community or sections of the community private.


Badges and leaderboard system to drive community engagement.

Reliable search with filtering options built into the community experience.

Elevating modern-day
community experiences

“We love Tribe because it offers our members a distraction-free place to network, learn, and grow their businesses. The thoughtful customization features help us personalize the experience.”

Jennifer Lee


Webinanrninja video
WebinarNinja is building a community to connect entrepreneurs, enable peer-to-peer learning, and solve customer issues.

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“Tribe scales with our growth and makes it easy to customize the community! The price point was great for us to be able to get into a community.”

David Gurthrie

Condo Control

CondoControl video
Condo Control is building a global customer community to enable customers to help each other and build a central knowledge hub.

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“Tribe helped us build a unified community with a continuous learning experience and create a robust communication channel for long-term connections.”

Mariah Olson


Schoolhouse video
Schoolhouse is building a tutor-student community to enable social conversations for its high school tutoring marketplace.

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Is there a glossary of key terms used in the Tribe Platform?

Understand key terminologies we use at Tribe! Network: this refers to your community platform. Network Settings: also known as ‘Admin Panel’ which refers to community-wide settings. Community Logo: the logo that appears on the community’s top…

Dan answered

Updated 4 days ago

Is there a guide for launching a community with Tribe?

This guide will help you launch your community successfully with a checklist of action items that covers everything from configuration to content seeding and testing. Let’s now check out the key steps to consider when launching a community…

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Updated two hours ago

What are the upcoming events to get the best out of Tribe?

Attend our webinars to learn how to build and manage your Tribe community! We’re excited to announce that Tribe will be launching new events in August. Upcoming events: member onboarding experience, office hours, setting up and managing a thriving community…

Amanda answered

Updated 1 day ago

How to create unique communities with Tribe?

The Customizer available with the Tribe Platform enables customization of Spaces and the community home page. Every Space in your Tribe community is made with a set of Blocks. These Blocks can be arranged, configured, and removed to build unique online communities…

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Updated a week ago

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