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Users are now spending more time on messengers than any other app. Tribe's innovative messenger integration will allow your members to receive community notifications on their messenger and interact with the community right from their mobile...

Updated 3 days ago
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Yes. Community admins can enable social logins such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack for their Tribe community. In order to use the social logins, admins need to install the "social login" app from our app store...

Answered by Mo
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The virtual currency app can help you boost engagement. Using this app you can attract more user generated content by rewarding community members for their interactions...

Answered by Siavash
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With the Zapier integration you can convert your community into automated actions and connect your Tribe with 2000 apps. It works by setting up automatic triggers that get fired based on an event and performs action either inside the community or in the third-party app...

Updated an hour ago
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