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Powerful apps and integrations
to create highly engaging customer communities
  • Slack

    Receive notifications and react right from Slack

    Communication Popular
  • Shopify

    Add social experience to your e-commerce site and convert members into buyers

    E-commerce Popular
  • Messenger

    Send and receive notifications and connect to your community members via Messenger

    Engagement Popular
  • HubSpot

    Automatically send leads to HubSpot and sync members' information

    CRM Popular
  • SEO

    Advanced SEO control to rank higher in search engines

    Marketing Premium
  • Google Translate

    Translate content from other languages to portal language right inside the community.

    Engagement New
  • Signup Wall

    Ask users to register to your community before accessing the full content.

    CRM New
  • SendGrid

    Send emails from your SendGrid account resulting in better email delivery

    Communication New
  • Google Analytics

    Track community visitors in Google Analytics. All actions are tracked as Google Analytics events.

    Analytics Popular
  • Virtual Currency

    Add the ability to define a virtual currency in the community.

    Engagement Popular
  • FullStory

    FullStory offers DVR-like pixel-perfect playback of a user’s session in your community

  • JWT Authorization

    Let your users login to the community using JWT Single Sign-On

    Authentication Premium

    Let your users login to the community using JWT Single Sign-On

    Authentication Premium
  • Welcome Email

    Send an automatic customized welcome email to new users

    Communication Engagement
  • Hotjar

    Visualize the online behavior of your community members

  • Telegram

    Receive notifications and react right from Telegram

  • OneSignal

    Communicate and boost traffic by sending push notifications to community members.

  • Social Login

    Users can login or create accounts using services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Slack & ...

    Engagement Popular
  • Segment

    Acquire data on member behavior from other apps and sync the same with the community

    Customer Data
  • Mixpanel

    Track the community member interactions, create powerful reports and drive targeted communication.

    Analytics Popular
  • Zapier

    Easily automate action flows

    Automation Popular
  • Google Calendar

    Sync community events with Google Calendar

  • Calendly

    Allow community members to forge a deep bond by scheduling meetings

  • Clearbit

    Use Clearbit data to identify, target and route members

  • Mailchimp

    Grow your subscriber list by collecting emails from community members

    Communication Popular
  • Intercom

    Engage with your Members real-time. In-app campaigns. Social integrations

    Marketing Engagement
  • Drift

    Talk with your members in real-time. Use bots to automate conversations

    Communication Popular
  • Stripe

    Monetize your community by receiving payment and gain more context of user data

    Payment Popular
  • Marketo

    Automatically send leads and conversations to Marketo


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Users are now spending more time on messengers than any other app. Tribe's innovative messenger integration will allow your members to receive community notifications on their messenger and interact with the community right from their mobile...

Updated 3 days ago
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Yes. Community admins can enable social logins such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack for their Tribe community. In order to use the social logins, admins need to install the "social login" app from our app store...

Answered by Mo
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The virtual currency app can help you boost engagement. Using this app you can attract more user generated content by rewarding community members for their interactions...

Answered by Siavash
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Tribe deeply integrates with Google Analytics. By enabling this integration, Tribe passes all user and event details to Google Analytics and provide the best insights for Community Managers...

Updated an hour ago
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