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Engage your community members and deliver highly targeted messages

The Intercom integration is one of the most powerful integrations you can run on the Tribe Community Platform. Intercom is a communication and engagement software suite that comes with integrated apps for different teams such as sales, marketing, product, and support. These apps can help you run precise communication in your community via both email and Intercom messenger.

Communities powered by Tribe can send the member contact properties to Intercom to build a central communication management center and store all the member behavior. This can help you create member cohorts and trigger context-based campaigns dynamically and manually.

Here are the key elements of this integration:

  • - Ability to add the Intercom Chat button to your community.
  • - Sending logged-in users’ information to Intercom to personalize the chat and identify the member chatting with you.
  • - All user's properties in Tribe will be synced with Intercom including but not limited to: Name, email, email status, username, role, title, reputation, credit, user stats (Number of followers, following, answers, questions, posts, comments, etc), social links, important timestamps (Such as last action date, last post date, account creation date, last update date), notification settings, and custom fields (For enterprise accounts).
  • - Every action that a user performs (such as creating a post, like, follow, etc.) will send an event to Intercom.
  • - If you are publishing your help center articles on Intercom, you can allow your users to search both the user-generated content on community (powered by Tribe) and help center articles via the search function available on the Intercom messenger.

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