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Pabbly Connect

Automate your workflows and integrate Tribe into your existing processes

Pabbly Connect allows you to integrate Tribe with close to 400 popular apps to automate your processes and easily integrate the community in the company workflow.

Pabbly Connect integration is driven by Tribe Webhooks. Hence, you need a Tribe Premium subscription to create workflows with Pabbly. The advanced mode in Pabbly allows you to apply filters, extractors, and iterators so you can build complex workflows.

Some of the most popular workflows that you can create for your community using Pabbly:

  • Receive Slack messages for new posts created in the community
  • Update your Google Sheet with new content created in your community
  • Create a contact in ActiveCampaign or MailChimp when a new member joins your community
  • Add a member to a Group when a contact reaches a certain stage in your CRM (e.g., Copper, Pipedrive, HubSpot)
  • Push community content data to SmartSheet
  • Add a member to your community when someone submits a request using Typeform
  • Create a post on Facebook Page when new content gets posted in your community
  • Add a member to your community based on the contact information you collect via Landbot
  • Collect member information and enrich the data using Clearbit
  • Send invitations to people to join your community when they become a customer on your Shopify store

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