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Automate the virtual currency-to-rewards redemption process and delight your members

Rybbon is a leading online platform for businesses to send and manage digital rewards. Rybbon can handle large volumes of rewards with an easy-to-use platform, a vast range of reward choices, direct integration with popular third-party apps, and robust reporting.

The beauty of Rybbon lies in its ability to process 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards, thereby saving a significant amount of the budget.

Digital rewards are a natural extension to the Virtual Currency app offered by Tribe. The members of a community, powered by Tribe, earn virtual coins based on the community engagement, contribution, and the desired actions they perform.

Tribe's integration with Rybbon enables our customers to fully automate the virtual currency redemption process. Also, the members of communities are empowered to convert the earned virtual coins into either a set of rewards pre-selected by the community admin or they can choose from an entire catalog of country-appropriate rewards.

This integration currently requires access to Tribe's Zapier app and Webhooks app. Since Webhooks is a Premium app, clients with a Premium subscription can set up this automation using Zapier.

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