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Add social experience to your online store and convert members into buyers

Shopify is a leading platform for building e-commerce sites. It offers a comprehensive software suite to help small and medium-sized online stores with payment processing, marketing, logistics, and customer engagement tools.

Tribe's Shopify integration allows you to engage your customers, add social touchpoints in the buyer journey, and ultimately helps you boost the customer lifetime value by increasing the retention rate.

Here are the key elements of Tribe’s Shopify integration:

  • - It would enable SSO, so your store users can use their existing credentials to log in.
  • - It also allows you to add Q&A widgets (from your community) under your Shopify's product and category web pages.
  • - Adding a new product on Shopify will automatically add the same topic on the community as well.
  • - Also, the members can redeem the virtual currency they have earned via your community when purchasing on your Shopify store.

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