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Notify external services on the web based on various events in the community

Webhooks app is a powerful way of to notify external web services and send data about any event that happens in the community. Once this app is installed you would be able to add webhooks by selecting one or more community events (created question, joined group, topic added, etc.) for which data will be sent to the URL you specify.

After adding webhook, Tribe will send a POST request to the specified URL with the relevant data and a security token in the body whenever any of the selected events happen in your community. When you receive the POST request, you will be able to use the same for various process automation.

Here are some examples:

  • - Posting a tweet when new content get created in the community
  • - Updating notes for a contact in CRM based on the user's activities in the community
  • - Sending automated emails when new questions get created

Integration Automation
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