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Google analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration allows admins to track visitors effectively. Measure key metrics related to content and members.

web analytics for online communities

Question and answerComing Soon

Enable members to ask questions, post answers, accept the right solution, and upvote answers.

ZapierComing Soon

Connect your community with apps you already use and automate workflows.

IntercomComing Soon

Sync community member data with Intercom. Allow members to search community content from Intercom Messenger.

Custom code

Custom code

Add custom scripts and functionality to the community with the custom code app.

Cookie consent manager

Cookie Consent Management

Anonymize user data and customize the look and feel of the cookie consent modal for your community. Allow visitors as well as members to take the action on cookie acceptance and rejection.


Interactive thread-based communication between members to facilitate rich conversations.

reCAPTCHAComing Soon

Protect your community from spam registrations and malicious bots.

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