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Collect member actions and property data to build insightful reports


Amplitude is a popular analytics tool designed for digital product optimization. One of the most notable use cases is centered around the ability to track user activities. This helps in understanding what features and actions lead to user retention.

The free version of Amplitude captures 10 million user actions per month which is enough for the majority of online communities.

This integration combines Amplitude Analytics with Tribe to capture the member properties and actions at a granular level. You can leverage the data to create different member segments, analyze conversion funnel, and retention.

Here are some key use cases of this integration:

  • – Evaluating the growth of active users (e.g., Daily Active Users).
  • – Measuring member stickiness and retention.
  • – Creating reports on content generation (e.g., posts and replies).
  • – Creating activation funnels based on a series of member actions.
  • – Learning how members progress through different lifecycle stages.
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