Why brands need to (re)build their online communities today

by Mohsen Malayeri on Medium
Online Community
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Community Management

The human being is a social creature. From a revolutionary perspective, human beings have formed communities as a way of survival. But later communities became just more than that. They became how people shaped their identity by joining one and not joining the other. Part of this identity was associated with the products and brands they chose.


How to scale content marketing using customer community

by Siavash Mahmoudian on Medium
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Content Marketing

Scaling your ‘content marketing’ is a sizeable program to take on, especially if you want to generate business results. However, one efficient and effective way to scale up your content marketing is by utilizing your customer community for content creation.


How Smart Nora Grew 500% in Traffic by Building a Community in Health and Sleep

November 2018
Case Study
Smart Nora

When we met Behzad, their product has just got featured by Oprah. In 2015, he created Nora, the first smart and non-invasive snoring solution. The company has successfully raised nearly 1 million dollars using kick-starter. With 25% habitual snorer worldwide they have already targeted an epic market.