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Tribal Updates: Amplitude and Intercom Integration, Improved SEO App + More

Tribal Update is our monthly round-up post on key product improvements so you can easily learn about what’s new.

Read on explore the July updates in greater detail.

Amplitude Integration

Amplitude is a powerful product analytics solution with which you can track 10 million community (or any product) activities performed by the members. Using the behavior data from your community, you can measure different key metrics ranging from new content created and growth to member lifecycle and retention rate. Our integration is quite simple and easy to configure — all you need to do is add the Amplitude API key in your community.

Learn more here.

Amplitude Analytics

Intercom Integration

Intercom is a leading customer communication and engagement product suite that helps different teams of a company – right from support and sales to marketing and product. With Intercom integration, you can embed a messenger app and run targeted communication via both in-app and email messages.

Since Tribe sends the same set of user actions and behavioral data to Intercom that it sends to Amplitude, community managers can easily build member cohorts based on their activities. Based on this, different engagement, retention, and informative campaigns can be executed to help members in different lifecycle stages.

Intercom integration

Improved SEO Boost App

Tribe’s SEO boost app helps you configure advanced settings for your community and fully control how search engines index the content generated in your community. With this improvement, now admins have the option to set the noindex, title, description, and og:image of user, group, and topic pages. Earlier it was available for posts, questions, and articles only.

You can even add noindex to the community if you are building a completely private community or seeding the community before going live.

Also, the feed section of the community has been marked as ‘canonical’. This way search engine bots will consider topic pages as the original source of content and your community will not be punished for duplicate content.

More Control on Groups

With this update, now you can change the name of default term ‘Groups’ to anything based on your requirements (channel, cities, countries, etc.). You can also selectively provide the privilege to create groups to your moderators and community members.

Apart from these, now the member profile displays the groups the member has joined. You also have the ability to allow members to control the notifications they would receive for activities inside groups (e.g., new content posted in the group).

Click here to learn more.

As always your inputs, ideas, and feedbacks are really important for us. We always make sure to read them and consider while planning product roadmap. So, let us know your thoughts by posting on the Tribe Community.


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