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Leading French Marketplace, LeBonCoin Launches Online Community on Tribe Platform

LeBonCoin, the top French marketplace specialized in connecting people who want to buy or sell different products and services launched a branded community with Tribe Platform on 23rd October. LeBonCoin was launched in 2006 and currently, they are the second most searched website in France.

The online community is intended to serve as a secure online space where the users of the community can come together to share their experiences, feedback, and suggestions. This will also empower the members to help each other and build stronger peer-to-peer networks.

Tribe, as a community partner, helped LeBonCoin by providing a robust community platform and fully customizing the presentation along with the design based on the requirements in-line with the ‘Enterprise plan’. Some of the key features of the Tribe Platform used in this community are subcommunities or groups, virtual currency, SSO, Amplitude Analytics integration, and custom theme.

Screen-capture of LeBonCoin community

Tribe’s dedicated customer success team also worked with LeBonCoin to ensure that the community follows best practices and all the milestones are completed as per the agreed timeline. LeBonCoin was able to launch the community from scratch within 8 weeks that included the complete customization and technical configuration. This is another benefit of the quick time to market (TTM) offered by Tribe.

“Companies that are serious about customer experience and building a genuine relationship with the users, are increasingly moving towards building community on an owned platform with complete control over data.”, said Mo Malayeri, co-founder of Tribe. He also added that the demand for such communities is rapidly growing and Tribe is experiencing this on a first-hand basis as a vendor that helps brands integrate community touchpoints in the entire buyer journey.

As a community partner, we’re delighted to see the successful and smooth launch of the community which would eventually scale to serve 20 million members. Although launching the community is a great milestone, the real battle starts with engaging and retain users to build a strong network of brand evangelists. We’ll continue to work with LeBonCoin to ensure that they have all the help from Tribe to achieve the goals.

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