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Tribe is Now Free for Organizations Looking to Fight Pandemics by Creating Online Communities

⚠️ This offer is no longer applicable — it expired on 31st December 2020.

Create online communities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking.

Amid the global health concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19), our heart goes out to the communities affected by the pandemic! And we truly appreciate the healthcare personnel, front-line workers, and organizations actively helping affected people and finding solutions for this crisis. At Tribe, we were wondering how can we play our part — primarily because the core of our solution is about connecting people, fostering crowd-wisdom, and promoting knowledge-sharing. Our team unanimously decided to open up the platform for free to educational institutions, researchers, and nonprofit organizations without any restrictions on the number of members. This means the free tier will support unlimited members for these use cases instead of a 500-member restriction. The organization should clearly state the mission on the website and the admin must have an organization email address. For instance, an organization can create a community to connect the doctors working on the front-line. Doctors can join after getting the credentials verified and they can ask questions to get answers from other doctors across the globe. So, an ER doctor in Washington can ask a question to an ICU doc in Italy or France. This will not only help the doctor who asked the question but also any other doctor who might have a similar question. This way the experience of the doctor from Italy will help doctors from many other countries. Of course, this is an idea — a community can be created to serve any other purpose as well. We recognize that real-world interaction and collaboration play crucial roles in solving problems. In these difficult times, when organizations are increasingly moving to virtual communication, Tribe will offer its expertise in connecting people and facilitate knowledge-sharing via digital interactions with its community platform. “A large number of organizations are concerned about the impact of the pandemic and looking for ways to effectively collaborate as well as share knowledge without losing the beauty of social interactions,” said Mo Malayeri, Co-founder, Tribe. “Since one of the key elements of Tribe is based on social interaction best practices for digital media, we believe Tribe can be effective in helping organizations looking to create virtual communities for collaboration and crowd-sourcing of knowledge.”

Get started by creating your community on Tribe and drop a message on the chat messenger to unlock unlimited members.


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