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SSO Integration with Outseta – Easy Login and Community Monetization

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Outseta, a leading membership platform. The integration makes it easy for you to log your customers in to the community—whether you are monetizing the community, building a membership site, or managing the user profiles of a SaaS product.

Essentially, the branded community will be managed with Tribe and memberships will be managed with Outseta.

Outseta is designed for all-in-one membership management

What do membership sites, SaaS products, and subscription-based online communities have in common? All these businesses are fundamentally based on recurring payments. Members or customers get value from the business as long as they are subscribed.

Outseta recognized that all of the membership-based businesses need a common set of tools. Hence, they built the product to supports all the basic operational needs of a subscription business. With Ouseta, companies get access to CRM, helpdesk, email marketing, user management, and more!

And when you are building a customer community, it’s important to offer them an easy login experience with their existing credentials. If your authentication system is managed by Outseta, this SSO integration will be highly effective.

Monetizing community with subscriptions

Paid communities are a tried and tested way to monetize a community or following. People pay a monthly fee to access an exclusive Space in the community that offers value beyond what they receive in other free-to-access spaces.

Community makers add value by:

  • Providing access to an exclusive network of people with shared goals and interests
  • Selling an online course and using the community to help learners connect
  • Starting a coaching program and using the community to connect students

Two of the biggest challenges facing community-builders are creating an online space and managing memberships.

Tribe’s integration with Outseta solves both of the problems.

Community membership management with Outseta

Outseta is membership software that gives creators and startup companies all they need to build a business with recurring revenue. It handles the entire membership management process: everything from collecting signups and segmenting your user base to managing payments and communicating with emails.

Outseta includes features such as:

  • Granular billing to create different plans for your community. Charge per user or per team, create free trials, or offer add ons. Then accept payments via Stripe.
  • Email marketing to set up automation to welcome new members or provide community updates.
  • CRM features to manage member data across the customer lifecycle. Create a pipeline to convert members from your free community to your paid one.

Users also get help desk tools, a knowledge base, a live chat widget, and more. And, like Tribe, the entire platform is no-code, which makes it easy for anyone to use these features.

A simple way to set up payments

When you combine the above features with Tribe’s community platform, you get a powerful way to build paid online communities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an online community with Tribe. You own all your data, host it on your domain, and customize the community based on your needs.
  2. Use Outseta to collect sign-ups, create different membership tiers, and manage accounts. You can also easily add checkout boxes to your website.
  3. Members can log in to your Tribe community using the account credentials they used to sign up with Outseta.

This integration results in a seamless user experience. Members won’t even realize they are using different platforms.

Getting started with Tribe and Outseta

To start, you just have to create an account with both Tribe and Outseta and then set up Single Sign-On (SSO).

This is easy to do and you’ll find the option to add Outseta from the list of OAuth2 SSO methods within Tribe. Just add your account details, and you’re ready to go.

You can find out exactly how it works and see detailed setup instructions in the knowledge base hosted in Campfire, Tribe’s customer community.

Duncan Elder

Duncan Elder

Duncan is a content marketer with a passion for all things digital marketing, SaaS, and online communities.

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