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20 Ridiculously Relatable GIFs for Community Managers

I’m not a community manager, but I closely work with community managers. So I know that community management can be quite stressful. After all, a community manager is a social strategist, evangelist, storyteller, and designer all rolled into one. Working for a brand and advocating for the users at the same time requires community managers to balance everything perfectly.

We don’t claim to know everything about what makes community managers fly high or feel low, but we have an idea, and here is what we did:

We searched the internet to find GIFs that resonate with the experiences of almost every community manager and created this compilation post. If you’re a community manager and your superpower is GIF-based communication, then hopefully this post will tickle your funny bones.

Let’s get started now!

1. When your monthly active users grow to 10,000 members.

community manager hits 10,000 members

2. When you see your community members collaborating, self-moderating, and solving issues.

netflix marriage story

3. When you master the art of handling trollers in a community.

don't hate

4. When people at events, casual hangouts, and family get-togethers ask what you do.


5. When you see an influencer recommending your community publicly.


6. When you see a post that truly resonates with your vision for the community.


7. When you realize you forgot to reply to someone who requested your answer with @mention.  


8. When someone from another department says that the insights and content from the community have been very helpful.


9. When you identify someone who fits into your MVP program.


10. When you figure out the automation to integrate community data with other tools.


11. When community analytics and your reporting show the value of the community for the business.

told you

12. When your company adds additional resources for your team.


13. When people confuse your role with social media management.


14. When you see the members competing with each other in a healthy manner to win badges.


15. When you see one particular team align the community goals with their department.

for everyone

16. When you see members come back to the community from automated email digests.


17. When you see people from different departments come together to help with the questions posted in the community.


18.  When your community onboarding program works perfectly.

oddly satisfying

19. When someone gifts you an amazing book on community management.

book community managers

20. When people appreciate your community design.


Found something particularly relatable? Let us know in the comments.

pointing down


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