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Template for Community Software Requirement Document [Free Download]

So, your company has decided to launch an online community and you are creating a requirement document for the community software?

Well it can be intimidating to start a new project from an absolutely clean slate. Hence, ideally you would be searching for a template to create a community platform requirement document – or at least get inspired from.

At Tribe, we want to help you with our domain knowledge of community building, so that you’d be more focused on creating the perfect requirement document for your business case. A vital element of this template is about minimizing the time and energy you’d spent by presenting the correct set of checklists for transforming the idea of community to a live site.

With this template, you will be able to:

  • Create a comprehensive requirement document by touching 10+ factors associated with community building.
  • Get inspired from the sample content associated with each section.
  • Spend more time focusing on the actual content rather than researching about the layout.
  • Save this template in professional-looking PDF format, share with the stakeholders from your company and quickly get started with vendor selection.

Given below is a brief summary of various sections of the template:

Bird’s-eye view of the project

The first section starts with a tabular view of the key information associated with the community:

      • Date of document creation
      • Point of contact
      • Go-live date
      • Product or service for which community is required
      • Potential services that would be required from the vendor
      • In-house tech team contacts
      • Assets required for the community
      • Some of the critical or essential requirements for the community

Justification for the community
Here we highlight the primary reasoning behind building an online community.

The ideal user demographics

Here we list down the demographics of the users for your community – location and age groups to educational background and professional status.

User insights

This section is focused on the valuable user insights, i.e., their pain points, objections and goals.

Problem-solution fitment

Explain how the community would solve the users’ problems and why they would join the Community.

List of features for the online community

A complete list of features that your community needs to have to deliver the exact solution mentioned above.

Non-negotiable elements of the community

Here you should point the elements of the community where there is absolutely no scope for any trade-off. Ideally your company value and brand guidelines go here.

User stories

Summarize different set of users who will be using the community, their intended actions on the community and why they would be performing those actions. These user stories can also contain sub user stories.

Success criteria

Establish the key metrics that you’d be tracking for ROI calculation and showcase the value delivered by the community in terms of targeted business growth.

Moderation rules

Set the outline for the community rules – the type of behaviour that would be acceptable, the way members will engage, connect and build networks.

Content guidelines

Set the tone of your community’s messaging along with types of content and the way images and videos will be presented. This should be in line with your brand personality.


Establish the amount of capital you are ready to invest based on your requirements.


This is a tabular representation of various stages of community — from ideation and vendor selection to testing and launch. And each section has been divided into sub-stages; Your job is to enter the timeline based on your requirements.

This sums up the content of the template. Let us know your feedback in the comments section once you’ve downloaded the document. Click on the image given below to get started.

Download community software requirement document template


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