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Tribe + Rybbon: Automate Virtual Currency-to-Rewards Redemption

⚠️ Note: This post is relevant to communities powered by the older version of Tribe. If you built a Tribe community before the end of May 2021, you are on the older version.

Are you using Tribe’s virtual currency app to boost community engagement, improve the quality of contribution, and incentivize members to perform certain actions? Well, we have amazing news for you! Introducing the Tribe and Rybbon integration designed to automate the virtual coin-to-rewards redemption process and empower the community members.

This integration is powered by Zapier and paves the way for the upcoming native integration with Rybbon. Rewards are a tried and tested method to maximize engagement and improve the community contribution of members. That’s the reason Tribe offers the virtual currency app. Community admins can incentivize members to take certain actions and award virtual coins in return.

That said, the process of redeeming the virtual coins to collect tangible rewards can be incredibly difficult. When you are working with a large number of community members, this complexity can substantially increase. The manual process can easily consume a significant amount of resources. And it is always prone to human errors.

This is where the Tribe and Rybbon integration emerges as a savior. It enables the community admins to fully automate the virtual coin redemption process. The community members are also empowered to select from a set of pre-approved rewards or the entire catalog of country-appropriate rewards.

Rybbon powers the global delivery of digital rewards

Rybbon is a leading online platform for businesses looking to send and manage digital rewards. Rybbon’s powerful platform can easily scale to handle large-volume reward processing with a wide range of reward choices and direct integration with popular third-party apps.

The digital rewards can be delivered anywhere in the world — from US gift cards (Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) and international gift cards to Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards and charity donations. One of the key benefits of Rybbon lies in its ability to process 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards. This is a major driver of significant savings in the budget.

Apart from global coverage and refund capability, here are the additional advantages of Rybbon:

– Granular and up-to-the-minute status reporting

– Fully customizable reward processing experience based on your brand guidelines

– A central campaign management system to organize multiple campaigns

With the Tribe and Rybbon partnership, you can easily offer the community members their desired rewards. This helps you better align the members’ activities and community goals.

One integration to handle multiple use cases

This integration connects across the teams in your organization! A product manager working with beta testers? A customer support specialist working with superusers? Perhaps a user researcher collecting feedback from the customers? Tribe and Rybbon integration allows your internal teams to save significant time and resources. And the members’ delight is just priceless! Here are some of the common use cases:

  • Run a competition in your community to give a boost to user-generated content and reward the winner with a gift card.
  • When you see a member diligently helping other members, leverage this integration show your gratitude.
  • Improve survey response in your community when you are running polls and performing qualitative research with powerful incentives.
  • Show appreciation to customers in your community for high-quality feedback by rewarding them with redeemable virtual coins.

Getting started with Tribe and Rybbon

When you combine Rybbon’s global digital rewards delivery platform with Tribe Platform, it becomes easier than ever to excite the members of your community. Since the virtual coins can be redeemed immediately, it captivates the members as well as improves the success of your engagement objectives.

Above all, you can run your campaigns with a location-agnostic approach. Rybbon would automatically curate country-appropriate reward options in the correct currency based on the recipient’s location. This integration currently requires both Zapier app and Webhooks app apart from the Virtual Currency app.

Since the Webhooks app is a Premium app, clients with a subscription to the Premium plan can take advantage of this integration. Given below are the steps to set up this integration:

Step 1: Install the Virtual Currency app and set up the rewards

Virtual Currency Store

Step 2: Install and enable the Zapier app in your community

Zapier app in Tribe

Step 3: Install the Webhooks app and set a trigger for virtual currency redemption

Webhooks for virtual coin redemption

Step 4: Create a Zap and catch the Webhook event for virtual currency redemption

Zapier integration for webhooks

Step 5: Send the gift card and customize the email message as you deem fit

Rybbon action Check out this knowledge base article to get a detailed understanding of this integration.

Now it’s time for you to activate this powerful integration and take your community engagement to the next level.


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