Create Your Own Social Network like Facebook

Build your social network with a cloud-based, modern, and fully customizable online community platform.

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Core features to consider
when building own social network

  • Member profiles

    Member profiles are critical for storing the user's data, displaying the activities inside the social network, content contribution, and make the user discoverable for networking.

  • Activity feed

    Activity feed is important to keep the members informed about what's happening inside the site. Members can interact with the content (comments, upvotes, follow, etc.) based on interest.

  • Groups

    Groups help you categorize content and foster connection between members with a shared passion. Hence, groups acts as one of the key channels for new member discovery.

  • Content organization

    The user-generated content inside the social network must be categorized for efficient search. Also, the community layout must be customized to showcase the relevant content.

  • Data import and export

    You must own the data generated in the community. That's why your social network must allow you to easily import and export all the data. Consider exporting members and content for advanced analysis.

  • Content types

    Your social network should allow members to create one or two types of content at the very least. This content can Q&A, polls, short-updates exactly like Facebook or long-form articles like Medium.

  • Gamification

    Gamification plays a key role in keeping members engaged and motivating them. For instance, you should have the mechanism to boost the reputation score of members based on good quality contribution.

  • Moderation

    Keeping the social network free of spam and negative elements ensures that other members feel safe. Also, members should be empowered to report issues and the community guidelines must be enforceable.

  • Networking

    There would be different types of networking -- a member might simply follow another member or form two members might form a mutual friendship. The network might have public membership or invite-only membership.

  • Reporting and analytics

    It is important to keep track of the community health and get insights on the member behavior at a granular level. Ensure that your social network offers the capability to measure the key metrics.

  • Notification tools

    There must be a robust tool to keep the members updated about the important activities in the community and their profile. Notifications can be sent via email, inside the site, messaging apps, and more.

  • Integration and automation

    Your social network site must integrate with other popular third-party tools and expose a comprehensive API to build any kind of customization for smooth data transfer and process automation.

Comparison of solutions available
for building a social network like Facebook.

SaaS Self-hosted CMS+Plugin Custom-built solution
Customizability Low to high Medium to high Medium to high High
Cost Low to medium Medium Low to medium Very high
Time to market Very low Low to medium Low to medium High
Technical expertise needed Low to medium Medium to high Medium to high Very High
Data export Available Available Available Available
Security threat Low High Very high Low

Tribe is empowering the new
generation of niche social networks

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Why Tribe is the leading platform
for building social media sites like Facebook

Hosting and technical maintenance

Since the Tribe Platform is a cloud-based solution, as a community builder you don’t have to worry about the hosting and technical details such as software maintenance, upgrades, database, etc. All you have to do is work on growing and moderating your community.

Customizable community platform

Tribe offers a fully customizable community platform that can be customized by selecting and showcasing different components of the community exactly the way you need. It can also completely adopt your brand guidelines to a pixel via CSS changes.

Machine-learned activity feed

Tribe offers a sophisticated and AI-driven activity feed that continuously learns from the member activity and behavior. This helps you deliver personalized content to the community members, boosts the engagement rate, and makes your community sticky.


Tribe offers a forever free plan without any restrictions on the number of members and content. It also allows you to point your own custom domain. The premium plan unlocks additional features such as enterprise-grade SSO, priority support and advanced apps.

Apps and API

Tribe’s community solution has been built with a vibrant ecosystem of apps and API that work together to extend the functionality of the core platform. There are 20+ built-in integrations with leading third-party tools to automate data flow and automate the existing process.

Data ownership

Any social network powered by Tribe completely owns the data as well. As a community owner, you can always export any content or member data. Many of our clients are already performing advanced text analytics on the user-generated content.

Modern design

Social networks powered by Tribe come with a beautiful and modern design that is based on modern user behavior and familiar features of social media. It can be completely customized according to your brand guidelines -- right from logo and color combinations to intricate CSS modifications.


Tribe delivers configurable reputation management system with leaderboards, badges, and points to help you execute various gamification tactics. Also, the virtual currency system helps you influence member behavior by directly offering incentives.

Automated moderation

Tribe has powerful moderation functionality -- it allows you to blacklist list keywords and automatically puts the content with such keyword in the moderation queue. You can also define a minimum reputation score to allow members to post content. Of course, the members can always report any inappropriate content.

Integration in the buyer lifecycle

Based on the community flywheel concept, Tribe offers embeddable widgets that can be used to add different elements (e.g., discussions) of the community inside any other product or website. This helps add community touchpoints across the buyer lifecycle and improve customer experience.

#1 Social network software rated for
customizability, usability and business value

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Embeddable widgets

Deliver immersive social experience right inside your product or website with widgets. Some of the prominent examples can be enabling user engagement under the listings, inspiring the members to share feedback and discovery of new products.

Highly engaging apps

Tribe offers some of the most compelling modern apps such as incentivization system via virtual currency that can be used to get desired user action, easy user management, and powerful analytics.

It's your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white-label platform. You can customize the platform to build any kind of community and change the design exactly based on the brand guidelines.

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