AppJobs is Building the Friendliest Marketplace for Gig Economy with Tribe Platform as a Key Enabler

November 2019
Case Study
Tribe Community Case Study

AppJobs is the world’s largest marketplace of gig workers (one of the fastest-growing job categories) operating in over 250 cities across 40 countries. It is currently helping millions of job seekers looking to earn money with app-based jobs. AppJobs also helps companies such as Uber, TaskRabbit, Foodora looking to hire people for the supply-side of their business.

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    Aleksandra Talagaverified icon
    Product Manager at AppJobs
    What I really love about Tribe Platform is not just the customizability, but the flexibility to co-create and build a tailor-made solution on top of Tribe.


✓ Marketplace for gig economy

✓ Founded in 2017

✓ Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden


✓ Create a central knowledge hub for gig workers.

✓ Create a safe and friendly space to connect with peers.

✓ Deliver the best customer experience as a bridge between for both the supply and demand-side.


✓ Deploy Tribe Platform to integrate an online community into the marketplace.

✓ Leverage the customizability to co-create on top of the platform.

Implement faster and significantly reduce the time to market via ready-made social elements of the platform.


✓ By integrating the community in the marketplace AppJobs increased member engagement by 8-9% week-over-week.

✓ The retention rate of the marketplace is witnessing consistent growth powered by 10% week-over-week community member retention.

AppJobs is not just a bridge between workers and companies -- it delivers an impeccable customer experience with highly valuable tools such as earnings tracker and various actionable content assets.

The marketplace was already home to millions of gig workers from various backgrounds with different motivations when the AppJobs team first got in touch with Tribe.

The larger goal with the Appjobs' community was to build a centralized knowledge hub where the job seekers and workers would share their experiences with peers as well as connect with each other. This would be yet another step in taking the friendship quotient of the marketplace up a notch.

The community would act as a key factor to improve user acquisition, engagement, and retention on the AppJobs platform. Further, this novel marketplace would host crowd-sourced knowledge powered by the online community and deliver exclusive content on the gig jobs not available in any other place.

Tribe helped AppJobs by offering a fully customizable and ready-to-deploy community platform that significantly reduced the development time and improved the time to market. The ability to co-create on top of the community platform helped AppJobs build the community suitable for both the workers and the companies looking to hire.

The embeddable widgets offered by Tribe ensured that the AppJobs marketplace users and visitors didn’t have to move to a separate web property for the community -- they could instantly register, participate in the discussion and gain knowledge right from the site. This proved to be a viable channel to convert visitors to marketplace users.

When members participate in the discussion, ask questions, and join groups, it increases the engagement and they tend to come back (thereby driving the retention rate). This combined with the community notification tools, gave an additional boost for member retention.

At present, AppJobs is in a robust position as a leader in the app-based job market helping people with legitimate and quick employment. At the same time, companies are able to hire suitable and well-informed workers with the best prospect of succeeding.

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