Connecting, Empowering, and Informing Women with Community - The Story of Love Wellness

March 2021
Case Study
Love Wellness
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Love Wellness is the leading clean personal care brand that is body-positive, based in science, and sets the new standard for women's health. Driven by community, Love Wellness is designed to help women feel informed, empowered, and ready to take full control of their health.

Love Wellness offers products that range from multivitamins, fiber supplements, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that optimize gut health, to personal cleansers, suppositories, and lubricants that are made with women's unique biology in mind.

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✓ The leading personal care brand for women’s health

✓ Founded in 2016

✓ Headquarters in New York, United States


✓ Build a safe and inclusive online space for women where they can ask questions and get genuine recommendations and advice

✓ Enable women to tell their stories in an open and transparent way

✓ Empower members to become more informed and educated about personal care via authentic conversations


✓ Launch a public community based on familiar social network design with Tribe Platform

✓ Connect members and provide access to certified experts

Offer tangible value to the members by integrating community components such as gamification and virtual currency with the e-commerce platform


✓ Within 9 months from the date of launch, the community is flourishing with more than 10,000 members

Real-world use cases of how women are successfully driving value from the community

Love Wellness takes a sensible approach to women’s self-care and offers products that are body-positive, based on science, and made with what women want in mind. After years of dealing with chronic health issues herself, Lauren Bosworth, Founder and CEO, is committed to creating a more open and honest self-care culture for women.

Love Wellness products are researched and developed by a team of Wellness Advisors, which include doctors, food scientists, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners.

The team at Love Wellness recognizes that women are incredible storytellers. Given a secured space, women share their personal stories and experiences with great details.

This led to the launch of The Love Club, a brand-led online community where women can connect and learn from each other as well as experts.

The Love Club
(Love Wellness community, The Love Club)

The community membership is free and available to anyone who registers on the Love Wellness website. This is set up via Single Sign-On (SSO) and it allows customers and members to use the same credentials for the site and the community.

Topics such as Nutrition, Pregnancy, and Self-Care are used to categorize content in the community.

Groups are used to bring together community members based on shared interests and commonality. Consider these groups as sub-communities. For example, a group for women interested in cooking and another group dedicated to the wellness of women who are over 50 in terms of age.

Coming to post types, The Love Club makes use of Q&A/polls, discussions, and articles. According to Kacey Langston, community director of The Love Club, polls are great for driving engagement and generating customer insights.

The brand community is indeed a great channel to collect feedback and learn more about the customers. The insights generated from the community shape the business strategy, content, and communications based on customers’ exact needs.

Articles and videos on different topics are shared by the experts. These content assets play a crucial role in educating the members.

Expert insights in video format shared on The Love Club
(Expert insights shared in video format)

The community is also deeply tied to the e-commerce portal of Love Wellness to drive stickiness. For example, members get virtual coins for community contributions and interactions. These points can be redeemed by the members for product orders.

The Reputation app is used for gamification -- it allows members to earn scores based on their community activity and promotes healthy competition via a leaderboard system.

The Love Club, as a brand community is fully integrated across the customer journey. Customers stay engaged with the brand in both the pre and post-purchase stages by asking for help, offering advice, sharing personal experiences, and learning from the experts.

This enables Love Wellness to build stronger relationships, nurture the community and drive brand loyalty.

With a community-driven engagement model and constant effort to deliver value to customers via collaboration and education, Love Wellness is a powerful example of how brands should approach authentic relationship-building.

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