Building a Social Hub for Sales and Marketing People — The Story of Pipedrive

June 2020

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Pipedrive is a leading sales CRM platform with more than 90,000 customers across the globe. It is also the first CRM solution developed by salespeople for salespeople! Pipedrive embodies the best practices crafted from years of sales experience to help sales teams focus on learning and repeating the most effective processes required to close deals. The beauty of this solution lies in impeccable user experience as well as thoughtfully selected tools and data to advance deals through their pipelines.

Mike van der valk

Mike van der Valk

Product Manager at Pipedrive

The flexibility of the platform is great. When it comes to content structure or design you can get creative. The team is super responsive and great in thinking along.



✓ A cloud-based sales CRM platform

✓ Founded in 2010

✓ Headquarters in New York, USA


✓ Create a central knowledge hub for sales and marketing professionals

✓ Create a safe and friendly space for the customers to connect with peers

✓ Collect feedback and amplify research and development activities

✓ Deliver self-service support with valuable member networks


✓ Deploy the Tribe Platform to create an integrated online community under Pipedrive Help Center

✓ Create a robust structure for the community with topics and groups

✓ Closely work with Tribe’s success team to implement the customizations, seed the community and launch within 12 weeks


✓ Within a span of 3 months, Pipedrive successfully launched a full-featured social community

✓ The community is now flourishing with 60% active users

What happens when a brand has a huge customer base and fan following? Well, the fans tend to look for a space to connect with each other as well as the team behind the product. They offer help and share knowledge to ensure that their peers are able to get the most out of the product.

That was the premise behind Pipedrive’s community journey — it started as a Facebook Group created by a customer! With time when the members grew and activity increased, there was a need for a secure, customized, and branded space to consolidate the knowledge. That prompted the Pipedrive team to start looking for a dedicated community solution. And with the Tribe Platform, Pipedrive’s Sales Community was launched.

This is yet another step towards Pipedrive’s goal to make sales success inevitable — both for individual salespeople and teams.

When the Pipedrive team first got in touch with Tribe, the goal was to create a centralized knowledge hub where customers can get help from each other, share experiences, expertise, and suggest best practices. This community would eventually evolve into a place for professionals in sales and marketing teams to connect and learn.

Also, the community would act as a direct channel for the product team to connect with customers and gain valuable feedback. In terms of research and beta-testing, the community would provide a space to recruit users and help bring Voice of Customer into the product.

Based on these goals, Tribe helped Pipedrive by offering a completely customizable and ready-to-deploy community solution that significantly reduced the development time. The community was perfectly integrated with the “Help Center” to make it easier for users to switch between different resources. Pipedrive leveraged SSO to seamlessly allow the existing customers to log in to the community and enabled Social Login to allow anyone to register with the community using LinkedIn.

The community was structured with Topics and Groups. For instance, the content was segregated into topics such as “Apps and integration”, “Feedback and feature suggestions”. Furthermore, there is a private group for “research and beta-testing” and individual groups for users from different countries.

(Partial view of the topic structure)

Other key apps used by Pipedrive include SEO Boost, Amplitude, Reputation, Moderation, and Translation.

When community members register, post questions, answer, join groups, participate in polls it increases member engagement. This leads to better retention and when combined with a host of notification tools, it gives an additional boost to member activity.

At present, Pipedrive’s Sales Community is a highly engaged social space with 60% active members. And knowing that the Pipedrive team doesn’t settle with anything less than the best, this number is only going to increase.

Today Pipedrive is well established as a formidable player in the CRM solutions space. Thanks to the community initiative, their position as a thought leader and authority in the sales domain is only going to get stronger!

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