Building the First Centralized Runners’ Community: The Story of Runna

June 2022

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Runna was created to help the ‘everyday runner’ improve their athletic skills and begin a  training journey that brings them joy. Whether you’re training for your first 5K or improving your Marathon personal best, Runna is a personalized training coach designed for you. 

Created by co-founders Dom Maskel and Ben Parker, these two University friends looked to automate the training experience for both new and elite runners, but with a personalized coaching touch. They created an app that brings world-class running coaches directly into the hand of the runner but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a real-life coach. 

In just a few years, Runna is now available in over 56 countries. Even as the app has gone global, Runna remains personalized for each runner’s journey.

Dom Maskell

Co-founder, Runna

Honestly, Tribe has solved everything we need from a community platform — from post moderation to image support and leaderboards.



✓ A training app for runners across the globe

✓ Founded in 2020

✓ Headquarters in London, the United Kingdom


✓ Build a community deeply integrated into the Runna mobile app

✓ Enable the Runna team to directly communicate with customers and offer support

✓ Empower the runners in the community to uplift and help one another


✓ Built a community and embedded it into the Runna app

✓ Used JWT SSO (Single Sign-on) to allow the mobile app users to seamlessly log in to the community

✓ Leverage the analytics, moderation, and gamification features to manage the community and improve engagement


✓ Within a span of 6 months, the Runna community has grown to more than 2,500 members

✓ Members return to the community 3-4 times per week on an average

Runna is used by a group of passionate and engaged customers eager to improve their running abilities. Guided by dynamic coaches, Runna has created a personalized running experience for each user, no matter their athletic ability.

Runna took its product value a step further by introducing a supportive community. Their global community connects runners of all levels, provides resources and information, and brings its members closer to the Runna Team.

Tribe Platform gives Runna exactly what they need to build a customized community embedded directly into their app. Now the community enables Runna to support and educate its users, close the communication gap, and encourage fellow runners to uplift and help one another. 

Runna aimed to build the first global runners’ community

Everyone knows that running is better with friends. The Runna team sought to build a community of like-minded people to hold one another accountable. With Runna’s co-founder, Ben Parker’s running background, he recognized the lack of a centralized global runners’ community. There was no single source for runners to ask questions and connect. Runna saw an opportunity to build a free global community for runners.

The Runna team also recognized they could increase their product value by hosting this community in their app. They knew it had to be customizable with a personalized touch to match their training plans. 

Runna turned to Tribe for its customizable technology and its embeddability. Users now easily access a global runner’s community but still enjoy a tailored experience.

Why Runna built the community with Tribe

Dom Maskel came across Tribe after extensive google research. Tribe stood out as a customizable community platform that comes with a robust set of tools for in-app embeddability!

We had big requirements for our community as it’s a large focal point of our app – we needed something highly customizable by us, but most importantly, it needed to be embeddable as part of our existing mobile app – something that no other companies offered.

– Dom Maskell

Runna put its faith in Tribe’s promise of being a customizable no-code community platform.

They love how Tribe’s easy-to-use JWT SSO authentication helps with seamless community access. Tribe has also made it easy for Runna to moderate their community and personalize the experience for each member.

Runna has invested in a long-term relationship with Tribe’s team and intends to advise Tribe on future platform features.

Runna community embedded into app
Community Embedded into Runna Mobile App

All-in-all, Tribe delivers for Runna. “Honestly, Tribe has solved everything we need from a community platform – from post moderation to image support and leaderboards.” 

How Tribe supported Runna

Tribe’s team created a flawless onboarding experience to set Runna’s community up for success. For Dom, working with Tribe’s expert team makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

“Lovlyn, our customer success manager, has been absolutely fantastic to work with – she deeply understands our business requirements while having a good understanding of the technical implementation. It’s great to have a single point of contact for any questions and work with someone so responsive over email.”

– Dom Maskell

Through Tribe’s analytics dashboard, Runna can track their community usage and tailor their user experience. Additionally, Runna can also highlight the community in their app and keep it centrally organized and easy to access.

Tribe’s responsive team, combined with its robust technology, has given Runna all the tools they need to build an engaging community. 

The results

Runna has built a supportive community to enhance its customer value and bring global runners together. Dom himself has been surprised by the level of engagement within the community.

We were shocked that users would take time out of their day to help each other’s questions, but I guess people like helping others, and it’s clear that people are happy to take the time!

– Dom Maskell

Their community is a wonderful asset for their members to communicate with one another, ask questions, and find resources for everything about running. We currently have people checking the Community 3-4 times per week on average, with 2.5k community members at the current moment!”

Tribe empowers Runna to take the best out of its product and grow it into an accessible community for every runner on their journey. 

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