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Boosting Traffic by 500% and Reducing Support Cost: Smart Nora’s Community Story

November 2018

  • Case Study
  • Smart Nora

When we met Behzad, their product has just got featured by Oprah. In 2015, he created Nora, the first smart and non-invasive snoring solution. The company has successfully raised nearly 1 million dollars using kick-starter. With 25% habitual snorer worldwide they have already targeted an epic market.


While Smart Nora had one of the best snoring solutions, they still had a big challenge: Marketing. The company was spending the majority of its budget on social media and search engine advertising.


Nora team reached out to Tribe seeking a robust solution to their challenge. That was when Nora online community was born, a community for wellness and sleep. Working closely with our customer success team, the community launched within six weeks with 60 questions, 90 answers, and 35 topics.

Content targeted for the user acquisition and visibility was carefully crafted after extensive keyword research and SEO audits. Other sets of content were designed to increase engagement via member participation and reduce support queries.

After launching the community, Nora team fully leveraged Tribe’s powerful engagement tools, communication solutions, and third-party integrations to increase and sustain activity in the community.


  • In nine months their organic traffic grew five times (500%) helped them save thousands of dollars in ads. Instead of spending money on social media ads, they had the search traffic for questions related to wellness, sleep and snoring.
  • In six months, their support emails deflected by 28%. Each of them costing the company $8 so a few hundred reductions in the number of support emails again saved the company money. Bingo!

Today Nora is no longer a snoring solution. They are expanding their product range in sleep and wellness thanks to their authority in that domain.

The success of online communities is not limited to the consumer products industry. We have experienced more or less the same growth in other sectors. Contact us today so we can share our ideas on how you can grow your business using an online community.

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