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Building the Best Community for Marketing Operations Professionals – The Story of MO Pros

March 2021

  • Case Study
  • The MO Pros

MO Pros is the world’s best community for marketing operations professionals. The MO Pros started in 2017 to connect marketing operations professionals and deliver value by empowering the members to share knowledge.

In the last two years, the community has grown by 335%, and currently, it is a haven for marketing professionals with specialization in various marketing technology solutions. Apart from the online community for discussions, MO Pros offers a members’ directory, scholarship program, practical demo videos of various Martech tools, job board, and more.

Mike Rizzo

Founder of the MO Pros

The MO Pros community forum powered by Tribe helped us to store the knowledge generated by the members and enabled us to scale easily.


✓ A community for marketing operations professionals

✓ Founded in 2017

✓ Orange County, CA, USA


✓ Ensure the longevity of content and knowledge discoverability via a purpose-built online community

✓ Enable members to share knowledge and help each other

✓ Offer access to the community exclusively to the subscribers of the MO Pros


✓ Build a private community with Tribe Platform so members can collaborate, discuss, and learn

✓ Leverage topics and groups to structure the community based on technology expertise, job role, and location

✓ Allow members of the MO Pros to log in to the community using existing credentials via SSO

✓ Keep community members updated on community activities using Slack integration


✓ Launched a full-fledged community forum integrated with the MO Pros membership site

✓ This community of marketing professionals is thriving with 50% active members

Back in 2017, Mike Rizzo, a Marketing Operations professional, could not find a way to connect and collaborate with peers. So, he took the initiative to build an online community and established the MO Pros.

In the beginning, it started as a Slack channel and an introductory article on Medium.com. Since then it has grown to a community of over 1600 professionals from more than 15 different regions with members from companies of all sizes.

Because of the limitations with the free version of Slack the knowledge generated by the community was not discoverable and the paid plan was not scalable for a community with a large number of members.

Mike came across Tribe and launched the community forum where members could collaborate, ask questions, and find solutions from previously-answered questions. The following is the video where Mike is sharing the upcoming plan and details of the transition for the MO Pros community.

Given below are the key elements of the implementation:

  • The MO Pros used the SSO option to enable the members with paid plan subscriptions to log in to the community.
  • Topics are used to categorize content based on product expertise (e.g., HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, etc.)
  • Groups (sub-communities) are used to bring the members together based on region and technology certifications. This drives intimate and rich conversations around the topics of interest.
  • The community makes use of all of the post types for Q&A, discussions, long-form articles, and how-to guides.
  • The Slack integration is configured to notify community members and admin teams so they can stay updated and take necessary actions.
  • Zapier integration is leveraged to automate processes associated with the community and the MO Pros membership site.
(The MO Pros community)

Overall, the community members are sharing best practices, building playbooks, templates, and helping each other succeed.

The MO Pros is already a thriving Community of Practice (CoP) for marketing professionals. It is well-designed to foster authentic relationships and high-quality discussions by focusing on a specific niche.

The members have a sense of ownership and are passionate about the theme of the community. We see the MO Pros generating incremental value with time as well as member growth, and embracing the essence of the community by giving back to the members via avenues such as scholarships.

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