Hey 👋 We've changed for the better! Tribe is now Bettermode—the all-in-one customer community platform! Take a look

A fully customizable community platform
for businesses

Behind every successful company is the ability to engage and delight customers. Tribe enables you to do just that 🎉

The engine empowering
community-led businesses

A no-code community platform,
built for brands

Designed to help companies educate and onboard their customers, humanize their brand, and boost growth.

customize everything

Customize everything

Your community, your way!

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Your unique layout with zero coding: select, arrange, and configure Blocks to build your very own structure and navigation.

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Follow your brand guidelines: fully customizable color palettes, style, and typography.

A platform that
adapts to your needs

Ever need extra features? Install apps in a couple of clicks.

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The Tribe App Store features a growing list of apps, so you can add new functionalities that are right for you.

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Developer resources to build your custom apps and bring your unique ideas to life.

tribe app store

Bring social experience into
your product and website

Engage your customers like never before

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Embed your community into your mobile app, web app, and website to improve engagement and retention.

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Build a fully customizable interface with the Tribe SDK to completely blend with your product and website.

tribe third party integration

Connected to your tools

A community that fits in with the rest of your work

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Integrated with industry-leading software. Everything from Zapier to Intercom is just a click away.

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Save time, boost productivity and automate your workflow.

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Ready to launch your community?

One tool to supercharge multiple teams

Tribe is more than a community platform. It’s a hub for all your customer engagement activities.
From product education and customer support to product feedback and events.


Scale your success program with a self-service knowledge base. Use your community as a hub to provide customer education, activation, and onboarding.


Beat the competition by educating your customers, gathering feature requests, and collecting authentic product feedback.


Delight customers and deflect support tickets with a support forum that is available to your customers at any time of the day or night.


Leverage user-generated content to drive organic traffic, improve brand awareness, and build trust in your product and company.


Facilitate discussions in your industry. Organize events, publish content, and let industry professionals share knowledge and network under your brand.


Humanize your brand and build long-lasting, authentic relationships with your customers. Create a sense of belonging and turn your users into advocates.

All you need to build an engaging online community

No-code. Fully customizable. Easy to launch and grow.


  • Fully customizable with Blocks
  • White-label
  • Templates and themes
  • Private and public spaces
  • Embeddable components
  • SSO (Single Sign-on)

Engage & Grow

  • Gamification
  • Activity feed
  • Notifications
  • Badges
  • Private messaging
  • SEO


  • Keyword blocklist
  • Analytics suite
  • Permission system
  • Audit and activity log
  • Registration rules
  • Integrations


  • Q&A for support
  • Product Ideation
  • Events
  • Knowledge base
  • Resource library
  • Blog

Build your community today!