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When you request an answer or ask for a feature, they get back to you with their full dedication. You will partner with them.


UCLA Health

We really like the team/customer support they are ready and willing to help us whenever we have questions or comments.


Cloudnine Hospitals

I would recommend Tribe to anyone who wants to build a community from scratch with no-code software.

Amy Bryant


Tribe is an efficient and effective way to build customer engagement. We are able to improve our product and help users.



Tribe has allowed us to rapidly experiment with new ways to connect the learners and tutors and build a unified experience.

Kathleen W.

Tim Hortons® Foundation Camps

Ability to customize Tribe Platform to meet our campers’ and program needs has been critical as we have pivoted our programs.



In a few days, we were able to launch our sleek, responsive, modern, flexible and powerful community portal with Tribe.

Andy N.


I would highly recommend Tribe to organizations looking to strengthen their brand and build credibility with customers.

Creating social experiences with community site builder

A community website builder is a software solution that allows you to collect, connect, and engage your audiences under a single platform for your brand. The solution can be applied to different types of community sites — from Q&A like Quora and Micro-blogging sites to Communities of Practice and niche social networks. Apart from that, a community site builder can help you add social extensions to your existing sites or mobile apps by integrating community elements.

Why Tribe is a robust community site builder

Create a completely customized, user-focused, and modern community site with a powerful community engine, valuable apps, embeddable widgets, and comprehensive API.

Community platform

A community platform to fully customize the community based on both design and functionality. Leverage the modularity to select and showcase community components exactly the way you need.

App Store

Rich App Store with extensions and integrations designed to enhance your community. You can automate and extend the capabilities of your community or build your own apps.


Convert your static website and apps into engaging social spaces by embedding the community. Tribe allows you to embed Spaces, member directory, and the entire community.


Leverage badges, points, and leaderboard system to increase engagement. Promote a healthy competition in your community to improve contribution quality.


Automate processes, seamlessly merge the online community in your existing workflow, and create robust data flow with direct integrations, webhooks, and API.


Enable users to create spaces within your community to manage private spaces, priority user spaces, micro-interest groups, and everything in between.

Public/private access

Build a public or private community and set registration rules for membership. Enable SSO to allow existing users to log in smoothly.

Notification tools

Precisely target the members by building member cohorts. Boost retention via newsletters, emails, in-app notifications, and messaging app integration.

Why build a community website?

Community websites are highly effective in keeping your audiences engaged.  Engagement leads to retention and ultimately boosts the lifetime value of the users. There are several other use cases such as customer community (for support and self-service), stand-alone social network, a community for students & alumni, market research online community, and more.

Broadly customer-facing or external community websites have the following benefits:

Retention and revenue

As mentioned above, the community site offers different content generation, gamification, networking, and notification tools to keep the users engaged with your brand. This engagement boosts customer retention rate by cementing your brand in the customer’s mind. Finally, the retention rate and improved loyalty (driven by customer support) improve the customer lifetime value.

Customer support

The brand community is a great platform to connect your customers with their peers and your support team. You can create knowledge-base for customer onboarding and support as well as empower customers to connect with each other to provide help. This customer self-service via dynamic user-generated content improves customer satisfaction and allows your support team to deliver better service.

Customer acquisition

The content created by the community members offers a source for search engines to crawl and index fresh web pages. This creates a channel for marketing as your potentials customers would discover your brand when searching for related solutions via search engines. Moreover, other third-party sites would be able to link to your community site when they discover valuable content.

Customer research

The candid discussions in an online community allows your product and customer success team to gain an understanding of the customer needs. Collect customer feedback by allowing members to share experiences and refine the product features as well as positioning. You can even run text mining techniques on the community content to gain insights around customer sentiment, key topics, and more.

Powerful social engagement

Create a stand-alone community website inspired by modern social media. Enable your users to connect and discuss under your brand. Users can follow, ask questions, start discussions, upvote, comment and share content.

Social widgets
within your site

Enjoy ready-to-use widgets to add social components to any part of your site or app. Anything that you can visualize on the community, can be accessed via API.

It’s your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white label platform. Designed to adopt your brand and engineered to integrate with your website. You can even add your site header/footer to seamlessly blend it with your site navigation.

Join top businesses empowering their community using Tribe platform.