A fresh approach
to building communities

The core features take care of the essential components of the community.
The apps extend the capability of the community.


Spaces as extensible and flexible containers to build a robust community structure. Categorize content and bring members with shared passion closer.


Apps are designed to augment the community and take flexibility of the platform to the next level.


Discussions are designed to facilitate interactive thread-based communication between members and drive rich conversations.

Questions & Answers

Enable members to ask questions, post answers, upvote, and accept the right solution.

Cookie Consent

Meet regulatory guidelines by allowing visitors to take action on cookie acceptance and rejection.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration allows admins to track visitors effectively. Measure key metrics related to content and members.

User-generated content

Tribe offers all the tools you need to scale content creation and present the optimized content across channels.


Built-in SEO best practices such as meta tags and schema markups present the community content in the most optimized form.

Optimized for social sharing

Showcase the community content in its best form on social networks with smart and customizable Open Graph tags.

Rich composer

Members enjoy a beautiful posting experience with formatting options, an easy-to-use editor, media uploads, mentions, and embeddable third-party content.

Moderation tools

Keep your members safe, and secure your brand reputation. Tribe helps you ensure that the community is free from spam, abuse, and harmful language.

Moderation panel

Powerful moderation panel to allow, edit, or rejects posts efficiently.

Keyword blacklist and
profanity blocker

Automatically flag posts with  keywords based on your industry, business, and more.


Allow members to find and consume valuable content resources in a contextual manner.


Topics are a fast and efficient way to organize posts and narrow down discussions based on user interest.

Quick find

Quick find is a reliable search built right into the core of the community experience and designed for your members to find the right information at the right time.

Explore page

A customizable landing page for your members to explore the community. Showcase a banner, spaces,  discussions, and Q&A the way you like.


A powerful set of analytics tools to cut through the noise and make data-driven decisions. Build powerful reports at a granular level and score community success with confidence.


Keep members engaged with key updates powered by feed and notifications.

Activity feed

Activity feed keeps members hooked with personalized, rich, and contextual content driven by members’ participation in spaces, preferences, and connections.


Reach members wherever they are with Tribe’s omnichannel notifications.


Stay safe with Tribe’s security best practices based on industry guidelines.


Control an array of privileges with permissions based on member roles.

Best practices

Enjoy state-of-the-art security with SSL encryption, data integrity, and systematic audits.


Customize and change every part of your community in real-time with an intuitive interface.

Color Palettes

Choose from a range of predefined color palettes or create your own.

Custom navigation

Change your header layout, customize the elements and add a flexible top bar.

Custom  domain

Move the community to your domain and engage members under your brand.

Member Access

Keep the community public or private and make it easy for members to use existing accounts.

Single sign-on and
Social login

SSO reduces all user logins to one login for greater security and convenience. Social login is a frictionless method to access the community using popular social media accounts.

Public or Private

Accessibility settings make the community public or private.  Use registration rules to enable members with an invitation to join. Empower them to invite peers.

Ready to start
your community journey?