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Facebook Group vs. Slack for Communities

Compare Facebook Group and Slack for Communities ⁠— learn how Tribe Community Platform can help you build a fully customizable and modern online community while saving budget and resources.

Comparison of Facebook and Slack for Community Building

You are potentially looking at Facebook Groups or Slack as preferred solutions for community building. So, how about a full-fledged community that allows you to customize it based on your brand, provides powerful moderation tools and user management along with complete data ownership?

Well, Tribe offers exactly that and takes the capability of community platform to a greater height with additional key elements such as pluggable widgets, extensive API, in-built apps and tight integrations with third-party tools.

Here is a nifty comparison table covering factors such as customization options, moderation tools, and user management for easy comparison.

Monthly subscription feeStarts from $0
(Unlimited content and members)
FreeStarts from $0
(10,000 accessible messages)
No long-term commitment
Community platform
Embeddable widgets
Custom domain
Activity feed
Cluttered with other distractions
Deep third-party integrations
20+ popular apps including Zapier
Native video player
In-built apps
Groups or sub-communities
Rich content support
DIY option
User management
(Export, import, and tag members)
Moderation tools
Reporting and analytics
Newsletter and daily digest
Design and customizability
UI customization
White label
Responsive interface
Email, live chat, community, training

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Which platform should you choose for community building?

Tribe offers a comprehensive community platform that strikes a perfect balance between familiarity of Facebook and requirements of businesses in terms of customizability, brand adaptability, and complete data ownership.

Tribe’s powerful widgets, modern and beautiful design coupled with extensive API, engaging apps, and third-party integrations at a highly competitive price make it a compelling choice.

Tribe helped us build a unified community with continuous experience for learners and create a robust communication channel.

Mariah Olson

Head of Community, Schoolhouse


your customer retention


of your customers engaged

Things to consider before
selecting a community platform


Being able to customize the community exactly as per your user requirements, brand guidelines, existing company workflows is the key to success. Changing with time and being flexible are critical elements, which means the solution needs to equally adaptable.

Data ownership

The community that you build must be completely owned by you — this way you are never dependent on the platform. You can always migrate to a new platform by exporting all the data. Also, the user data can be really helpful in building augmenting the existing internal data.

Organic growth

A community generates a large amount of user-generated content, so it’s good to optimize the same for discovery via the search engine and enable other sites to link to the content created in your community. This helps you to attract new members who are already looking for a solution that you provide.

Customer support

If you are investing a great deal in a software solution, it doesn’t make sense to wait a long time to get a response from the support team. Look for a vendor that offers rapid support with live chat during your work hours to get the best value.

Operational blueprint

There should be a blueprint on how to onboard users and keep them engaged, so the user retention increases. This will be useful when the community gradually grows — your team would have a solid repeatable process to keep users hooked to the community.

Content seeding

Building community is similar to a marathon; you need to be prepared to put consistent effort in creating content and facilitating discussion. This type of content generation incites your members to engage with the content by answering, commenting, and upvoting.

Internal buy-in

Your organization and all the stakeholders should completely buy-in to the idea of community and be ready to dedicate resources for a longer period. Look for ways to find the problems your teams are trying to solve and create a plan to streamline communication.

Success criteria

Every investment must be justified, so it is imperative that you zero in on the set of success metrics based on the stage of the community. And the platform you select must be able to report the numbers so you can perform a granular measurement and build powerful dashboards.

Why choose Tribe over Facebook Group or Slack?

✔ Extremely customizable
✔ Gives complete ownership of the data
✔ Allows you to grow organically with search engine-friendly optimizations
✔ Helps you add community experience in the customer journey via widgets
✔ Modern design with personalized feeds
✔ Top-notch real-time customer support
✔ Comes with a extensive set of in-built apps
✔ Industry-leading integrations with popular third-party tools

Modern design
for modern users

Tribe’s design philosophy and engagement tools are inspired by popular social networks which makes it familiar to community members.

Embeddable widgets

Deliver immersive social experience right inside your product, app or website with widgets. Some of the prominent examples can be enabling user discussions under the product listing and showcasing user-generated content when users browse through different features of your product.

Highly engaging apps

Tribe offers some of the most compelling modern apps such as incentivization system via virtual currency that can be used to get desired user action, easy user management, and powerful analytics.

It’s your brand.
Fully customizable.

Tribe is a white-label social network solution. It is designed to adopt your brand and engineered to integrate with your website. You can even add your site header/footer to seamlessly blend it with your site navigation.

Join top businesses empowering their
community using Tribe platform.