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Pipedrive Logo

Customer Community | SaaS

Pipedrive's sales community connects customers as well as sales experts to facilitate discussion and collect feedback.

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Leboncoin Logo

Social Community | Marketplace

Leboncoin brings users together with a brand community to share their experiences and feedback.
ConvertKit Logo

Customer Community | SaaS

ConvertKit is sharing resources and empowering customers across the globe to help each other with a creator community.

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Octorate Logo

Customer Community | SaaS

Octorate, a property management platform, builds and strengthens customer relationships with an online community.

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IBM Logo

Private Community | Technology

IBM created a private community space for IBMers to drive engagement and communication for various social initiatives.

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Klaus Logo

Community of Practice | SaaS

Klaus launched a Community of Practice to drive customer education and thought leadership in the customer support space.

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Love Wellness Logo

Social Community | Retail

Love Wellness, a personal care brand for women’s health, connects, educates, and empowers women with a community.

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Deine Tierwelt Logo

Social Community | Marketplace

Germany’s largest marketplace in the pet domain built a community for animal lovers to help each other and collect feedback.

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Mo Pros Logo

Community of Practice | Membership

MO Pros is centralizing content and improving discoverability with a community for marketing operations professionals.

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Mindvalley Logo

Customer Community | Education

Mindvalley, a new age personal development education company, is powering discussions in its mobile and web app with a community.

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Truweight Logo

Social Community | Healthcare

This popular research and nutrition-based healthcare company added a social feed in their mobile app to boost user engagement.

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Community of Practice | SaaS

NEXL is building a community of law practitioners and empowering their members to share insights and build networks.

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ada Logo

Private Customer Community | SaaS

Ada built a private community with Tribe to boost customer engagement and collect feedback.
Real Vision Logo

Customer Community | Media

Real Vision, the world's premium media company on finance, transformed itself into the premium finance community.
Tim Hortons Logo

Social Community | Non-profit

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps launched a community powered by Tribe to engage and connect kids.

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Monument Logo

Anonymous Community | Healthcare

Monument launched an anonymous online community to give people with alcohol dependence support and motivation.
GEG Spain Logo

Social Community | Education

Google Educators Groups from Spain brings local educators together in an online space to help members learn and inspire others.
Clube RH Logo

Community of Practice | Social Media

Clube RH connects HR professionals, facilitates knowledge sharing, and offers access to webinars and mentoring.
Smart Nova Logo

Customer Community | Retail

Smart Nora created a space for snorers to build a community around their flagship product and boost sales.

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Lets Upgrade Logo

Social Community | Education

LetsUpgrade created an online community for students to improve collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
Dine.Direct Logo

Customer Community | SaaS

Dine.Direct, an online food delivery platform, uses Tribe to connect all the community actors in a food delivery transaction.

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