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Yes, you can use social logins, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack for your tribe community. In order to use the social logins, admins can go to their Admin Panel, and then find the Social Login on the left toolbar...

Updated 33 minutes ago
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We highly recommend our customers to host their Tribe on their own domain. This would make sure the inbound traffic would come to their custom domain and increases the conversion rate...

Answered by Mo
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Yes! There is an offer of a one-month free trial. No credit card is required at the time you want to get the free trial. You can upgrade your community anytime you want. To get your one-month free trial, please visit our website: tribe.so

Asked by Melanie Jones
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There is a virtual currency in Tribe. Community managers can contact customer services in Tribe and ask for coins on their account. These coins can be transferred to admin accounts and can be expensed in different ways...

Updated an hour ago
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