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a white label community platfom.

Give your users a place to discuss and connect around your brand. Tribe is a social platform, enabling you to make branded communities.
Create Q&As like Quora, discussions like reddit or upvote-based like Hacker news

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You can easily customize the look of your community. Please follow these steps: Click on your profile picture at the top right and select Admin Panel...

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You can easily install the OAuth2 SSO (Single Sign-On) app from Tribe's App Store. Then generate a Client ID and Client Secret in Auth0 panel and enter those information along with the Authorization URL, Token URL, Scope in the...

Answered by Mo
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Tribe Platform is built with API-first approach and every single activity inside the community can be captured by the API. You can add users, fetch user details, add topics, add users to groups, process membership subscription by integrating with a payment processor...

Asked by Melanie Jones
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Virtual currency app allows community admins to reward the community members for different actions. You can easily define your own currency and how it can be redeemed -- whether it has monetary value (like dollar) or it can just be used to buy your service, product, membership or swags....

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