grow startup

The best way to grow a vibrant community for your startup

Eligible startups get Tribe Premium subscription at a flat rate of $99/mo for a year.

* Doesn't remove "Powered by Tribe" branding

A complete community solution to

  • Grow Organically, Boost Conversions

    Leverage user-generated content to acquire users organically via search engines.

  • Engage and Retain

    Empower customers to create a valuable network, share knowledge, and help fellow members.

  • Build Brand

    Establish your brand as a thought leader by facilitating and spearheading discussions in your industry.

  • Deliver Outstanding
    Customer Support

    Enable both brand-to-user and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Empower customers by allowing them to deliver value to others.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Early stage (< 2 years)

  • Small team (≤ 10)

  • < $1M funding

  • New Tribe customer

A must-have platform for founders to boost engagement and retention