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Arjay Homeroom




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Arjay Ruggles is the founder of HomeRoom, a full-stack community solution provider for large enterprises, content & course creators, gaming/e-sports communities, and retail brands. HomeRoom’s services range from white-label community setups to full-stack community management solutions, including software integrations, no-code automation, and rich community insights. Meet with one of HomeRoom’s community account managers to learn how HomeRoom can help you gain the most value out of Tribe.


  • Community managerment
  • Community setup
  • Strategy and consulting
  • Integration and automation
  • Analytics

HomeRoom helps large enterprises, gaming, and retail brands build, manage, and scale customer communities. The Community Concierge service provides full-stack and pre-built communities powered by the Tribe Platform.


Minimum $2,500/project

Industry specialization

  • Software and SaaS
  • Gaming / E-sports
  • Retail / E-commerce
  • Online / Internet Services
  • Media and publishing