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Activity feed

Personalized, rich and contextual content delivery with an activity stream to keep members hooked

The activity feed is the collection of content posted on the community that is presented to the community member based on the user’s actions, preferences, connections, groups, and topics followed.

Feeds are great for creating and sharing content between the users. It fosters community interaction and content creation to form habits, improve engagement, and inspire peers. Apart from the content, it can feature members, topics, and groups.

The activity feed supports different types of posts -- right from short updates, questions, and polls to long-form articles with rich text, images, and videos.

The feed is highly flexible in terms of ranking the content as it can be sorted based on chronology, views, likes, and popularity. Also, the filtering option allows members to select the exact type of content that should be shown in the feed.

The post pinning option is another tool for the admins and moderators to highlight the important content higher in the feed.

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