Platform / Compliance management

Compliance management

Create a community with regulatory compliances like GDPR and data residency

Tribe is fully committed to implementing best practices for regulatory and compliance management. Hence, we ensure that communities built with Tribe are compliant with privacy regulations and corporate policies.

Data residency

Data residency for Tribe empowers companies in regulated sectors to comply with data residency requirements created by the government and third-party regulators.

Data residency gives complete control to our enterprise clients to select the region where all the data created by the community is stored. Currently, data storage regions available outside the U.S. are:

  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia


The cookie consent app offered by Tribe allows you to put your message about tracking user data and customize the text of the action buttons for the members. The admins can configure different action items based on cookie acceptance and rejection.

The policy and guidelines tool of the community enables you to specify your community’s terms and conditions to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Analytics Reporting

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