Platform / Groups


Bring the members of your community with a shared interest closer via groups/sub-communities

Groups, channels, boards (or any other name you wish) -- the sub-communities enable you to create a focused space for members with shared interests or goals.

Here are some of the key elements of Groups:

  • Groups can be public, private, or secret in nature
  • Groups can have topics for content categorizations
  • When posting from the home page feed, members can select the group and post content to a specific group
  • You can also remove the input box from the home page feed, so members will only post to a group
  • Posts inside a group can be pinned to showcase the important messages
  • You can change the permission level to even allow the members to create groups
  • For each group, you can access its own analytics and reports
  • Unique notification settings can also be configured for each group
Networking Categorization

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