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Member profile

Member information, networking options, and all the community activities displayed beautifully

Tribe offers your community members a beautifully organized space to store personal information, display community activities, and functionality to network with peers.


The member profile showcases activities such as questions asked, answers, discussions, comments, and other contributions. These activities can be sorted by popularity and recency.

The networking activities such as followers and peers followed by the member can also be accessed from the respective categories.

Custom profile field

The data fields for a profile can be customized so you can capture and display additional information.

Expertise catalog

When the member’s content contribution increases, the community learns about the user and build a catalog of the person’s expertise.


Members have the option to upload their profile picture and cover image which makes it easy to recognise the member in the community.


The follow option on member profile enables peers to network and subscribe to the updates posted by the member.


Community admins have option to change the user roles to moderator, administrator, bot, and member to control the permissions and privileges.

SEO control

SEO tools allow you to add ‘no-index’ tag to the profile so search engines are given a directive not to index the profile page.

Networking Membership

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