Platform / Moderation


A combination of automation rules and robust tools to archive, merge, edit, delete, filter, and ban

Your community comes with powerful moderation tools to help moderators save time and enable them to focus more on community development. This is achieved with a combination of member-powered moderation, automation rules, and a set of standard tools for moderators to edit, merge, ban, archive, and pin.

Check out how Tribe ensures that your community is clean and secure:

  • Moderators can take bulk actions as well as perform an action on a content piece or an individual member.
  • A rule can set up for the members to reach a certain reputation score to allow them to create posts in the community.
  • Automatically keep content in the moderation queue by blacklisting keywords.
  • A complete moderation panel is available to take action on questions, answers, posts, comments, and members from a central location.
  • Members are also empowered to keep the community clean by reporting spammers and flagging content that violates the community guidelines.
  • Easily edit content, delete, merge, pin, archive, and even add as a trending topic.
  • Links posted in the community are marked with `nofollow` and `ugc` tag which makes it unattractive for people who are only looking to build backlinks by posting on the community.

Automation Moderation

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