Platform / Notification tools

Notification tools

Keep members updated with a host of notification tools and boost retention

The notifications tools offered by Tribe are designed not just to ensure that members come back to the community, but also to reach them on any channel they use in a contextual manner.

Keep the community members updated about various activities related to their accounts and interest area. Also, push, schedule and broadcast important messages to a specific set of members, or the whole community.


Send the key activities related to the member, content digests, and important emails for the account.

In-community notifications

Send notifications to the members inside the community for actions associated with answers, questions, comments, mentions, and more.

Messaging apps

Tight integration with popular apps such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger can be used to notify users about different activities inside the community concerning their account. They can also easily react to the notifications right inside the app without the need of going to back to the community website.

Marketing automation apps

Sync the member properties and actions on marketing automation tools such as Intercom and send automated messages.

API and Webhooks

This is yet another powerful way to notify external web services and send data about any event that happens in the community. You can also push external notifications into the community with API.

Native mobile notification with Firebase

Send community activities as native push notifications to iOS and Android devices with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) solution.

Engagement Retention

Join top businesses empowering their community using Tribe platform.