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An audience is a group of people that follow your brand. They consume the content you create on platforms like your blog, social media, or YouTube. Audience members typically like what you have to say and respect your ideas and opinions.

The relationship between you and your audience is one-to-many. This means the flow of knowledge goes from you to your followers. Discussion rarely flows in the other direction.

Audience vs. Community

A community differs from an audience in the way interactions occur. Community relationships are many-to-many, which means everyone can contribute their own opinions and ideas.

People in a community tend to feel a stronger sense of belonging and passion than those in an audience.

Can you turn an audience into a community?

Brands with an existing audience have a huge advantage when it comes to creating a community.
As they already have access to a large group of people with a shared interest, creating a community is often just a case of providing a space for one to develop.