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Brand community


A brand community is a space where customers and people interested in your brand can interact. These people are brought together by a collective interest in your company, its products, and your values.

Why do people join brand communities?

People join brand communities for many reasons. Often it’s to discuss your product and how to get the most out of using it. Other times they join to access support from your team and other users.

Sometimes a brand community will have a purpose beyond the company it is built around. For example, a sportswear brand could create a community around training for a specific sport, rather than their products.

Why is a brand community important?

Brand communities are great ways to interact with your customers. Building one will help you build relationships that can improve loyalty and advocacy.

They can also have more practical uses. For example, they can be powerful ways to offer low-cost support to your customers.

What are examples of a brand community?

You can see plenty of brand community examples on our customer showcase page.

Highlights include WebinarNinja’s community, a customer community where entrepreneurs come together to improve their business and a powerful self-service support hub, and the Love Wellness community, which empowers women to take full control of their health.