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Community flywheel


Community flywheel is the idea that by introducing customers into a community, they become central to your brand’s growth efforts.

In a traditional sales funnel, the journey ends when the user becomes a customer. But in the community flywheel model, you leverage customers to help with acquisition, support, and retention. The more customers you have, the more influential the flywheel.

Community flywheel examples

Here are some examples of how the community flywheel helps with different brand goals:

Awareness: Brand advocates nurtured in your community spread the word throughout their networks. You can also use community discussions to create new content. User-generated content in open communities can raise your brand’s visibility on Google.
Acquisition: Prospects join the community to discover more about your product. Seeing a community of existing users is a powerful motivator.
Retention: New customers use the community to learn how to use it and get support from other users. Relationships built in communities encourage members to stay with your brand.
Development: Use community discussions as a roadmap for further product development. Find out what people like and what they wish could be improved. Survey community members to find out more, then look for Beta testers within the membership base.

community flywheel