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Community platform


A community platform is software that creates a fully-featured online community by uniting people based on a shared passion, goals, and common interests.

They typically have built-in features to enable users to create profiles, share content, comment on threads, and join discussions. The best community platforms are white label, which means you can add your branding.

How does a community platform work?

Community platforms have easy-to-use dashboards. Just choose the features your members value and then customize them to your

Many community platforms make it easy to add branding to your community. You can typically add the community to your own domain, so it appears as part of your website.

How can I start my own community?

The first step is to choose a platform. Tribe is an easy-to-use customer community with a free plan you can use to get started. Click here for more information or check out our complete guide to building a customer community.