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Customer success


Customer success is when you proactively help customers use your product or service to reach their goals. By helping people get value from your product, you encourage them to stick with your business, thus increasing retention and reducing churn. You’ll also have a more satisfied customer base.

Good success processes are essential for SaaS products because the recurring payment business model means you need to prove your product’s value continually. If you fail to do so, customers will switch off when their contract ends.

How do you deliver customer success?

There are many ways to deliver customer success. Good documentation helps as this allows customers to discover how to use your product. Robust onboarding, product tours, and live training are other methods you can use.

A customer community can be a powerful success resource. Users can interact with each other and your team to discover how to use your product effectively.

Customer success vs. customer support

Customer success is not customer support, and each discipline has different goals. While success is all about helping customers achieve their goals, customer support involves troubleshooting customer problems.

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