Support community


A support community is a brand community designed with the specific goal of providing users with customer support.

Customers can access help in three main ways:
– They can connect with your customer support team, who will answer their question.
– They can connect with other community members who will answer their questions.
– They can search through existing posts to get an answer.

The latter point makes communities incredibly powerful tools by helping you build up a library of support answers. This can reduce the number of tickets your team has to deal with.

Where should I build a support community?

You have several options for building a support community.

If you develop one yourself, you’ll have complete control over the platform and own all the data. But the process can be time-consuming and costly.

An easier alternative is social media sites. These are typically free to set up but you have far less control and are an algorithm change away from losing your audience.

Community platforms like Tribe are good middle ground. This software lets you build a platform easily while still giving you control over your data and the features you offer.