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Q&A websites have been available on the web for a very long time. However, with the success of platforms such as Quora and Stack Overflow, Question and Answer websites are getting popular nowadays. Since Q&A sites are primarily geared towards sharing knowledge and experiences, such solutions will always be in demand.

However, maintaining dominance in the market is very hard. For example, Q&A sites like, and Yahoo that were once popular, now struggling to attract users. The reason behind the success of a site boils down to the platform on which it is built, the community engagement strategy, retention plan, and monetization capability.

What’s Quora
and why is it so popular?

Simply put, Quora is a web app where one member can ask a question and the other members would be able to answer. This means one question can get several answers from different members showing their unique experiences and knowledge. Apart from that the members can comment, arrange the answers, and suggest edits to further improve the quality of contribution.

Quora has a quite simple and intuitive user interface. The onboarding process is great in terms of capturing the interest of the user and provides the right prompts to the members to begin using. Members can simply click on the “Answer” button on the top navigation or open the category that interests them from the left side navigation to answer the questions.

There is a section called “Spaces” that are the sub-communities or groups for members who share some common interests. People can follow these spaces and connect with other members and answer questions. Finally, the “Notifications” keeps the members updated with important activities related to their accounts.

How to create a question and answer website

Here are the key steps to take to when building a Q&A website
  • Step 1. Find the niche in which your Q&A website would work
  • Step 2. Select a cloud-based and customizable solution such as Tribe to design and launch your website
  • Step 3. Add viral elements to your website
  • Step 4. Create a marketing plan to attract new users
  • Step 6. Keep the members engaged and boost retention rate
  • Step 7. Monetize the website to ensure you have enough cash flow
  • Step 8. Keep the site healthy with strong community guidelines

Key features to consider when
creating a question and answer website

Activity feed

The activity feed is great for showcasing highly contextual, relevant, and interesting content to the members. This is displayed on the home page and gives prompts to the members to follow different topics and other users. When members follow topics and other members the feed learns about the user preferences and shows more personalized content.

Following topics

It is very easy to follow topics that are of interest to the member. Quora automatically displays and topics to follow right after signing up and users can follow different topics later on as well. There is also a “related questions” section on the right side which suggests questions similar to the one user is reading currently. This way the members can explore additional content conveniently.

Posting comments and upvoting

When members come across answers that they found useful, they can upvote on the answer which affects the ranking of the answer as well. They can also add their comments to the answers if they would like to provide additional context or have any questions related to the answer.

Sharing content on social media

This is a great feature of Quora - you can post the content created on Quora on other social media sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) which can further amplify the visibility of the content. The content can also be embedded in other sites via Quora widgets.


Spaces are essentially groups and sub-communities on Quora where members with similar interests congregate. Members need to follow the spaces that they find interesting. Spaces allow the members to post questions, links, and start discussions via a rich text editor. These groups act as a powerful channel to build valuable networks between the members which further amplifies the stickiness of the site.

Search and suggestions

Search functionality on Quora is really powerful -- as you type your query, you would get extensive suggestions from different sections of the site (ranging from topics to spaces). Of course, you can freely run a query to get all the results and ask a question as well directly from the search box. Quora even suggests the right persons to get answers from based on the data they have on different members.

User profile

The user profile collects and stores important information related to the member. Members can write a description, showcase their expertise, work experience, education, upload photo, etc. This helps other members learn more about different members and connect.

Internal messaging

You can initiate direct conversations with other members of the community on a private channel. This is helpful when you would like to discuss anything that is private in nature or probably would like to move the connection to the channels such as email or LinkedIn.

Tribe is a fully customizable community platform
with all the social components for building a Q&A website

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How to manage a Q&A website

High-quality content and engaged members are the key requirements for building a successful Q&A website. So, how do we ensure that both of these factors are addressed? Read on to explore.

User engagement

Community engagement drives member retention and improves the lifetime value of the users. Highly engaged users spend more time of the website, refer other users to join the platform, and work towards creating high-quality content. In case your business model is based on advertising, this can be pivotal -- more users, more traffic, more time spent on the site, and more revenue.

Some of the common tactics to keep users engaged is to provide high-quality and interesting content based on the user profile whenever the user logs in. Topics, spaces, members followed are all great signals. Leverage related questions to further engage users and use gamification techniques (reputation scores, leaderboards, and badges) to keep the members motivated to contribute to your website.

Omni-channel notifications

You should be able to reach your members with relevant information to bring them back to your website. One simple technique is to send content digest whenever a relevant content emerges in your website. For instance, if a member is interested in stock trading, you could send a digest with content from this topic with a high number of upvotes and answers. Of course, when someone comments, posts answer, or suggests improvements the notification should be able to get the user back to the site.

You should be able to send push notifications and message them via messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, etc. if they have connected their profiles. This ensures that regardless of the channel of which the member is available, your platform is accessible for interaction and content contribution.

Modern design

New age social networks come with a beautiful design that is based on modern user behavior and familiar features of popular social media sites. The platform on which you would build the Q&A community must adhere to newer design practices. It should also be completely customized according to your brand guidelines -- right from logo and color combinations to complex CSS modifications.

Powerful moderation

Your website must have robust moderation capabilities -- it should allow you to blacklist list keywords and automatically put the content with such keywords in the moderation queue. Also, the members should be empowered to report any inappropriate content and spammers. Apart from this, you should have the capability to define a minimum reputation score requirement for the members before they post content.

How to Generate Revenue from Question and Answer Website?

In 2021, based on a research, Quora has 300 million monthly active users and brings in healthy cash flow with a powerful advertising platform for businesses.
  • Advertisements

    Quora has created a robust platform to allow businesses to run ads that naturally assimilates into the overall content structure. Advertisers can create ads based on topics, questions, and keyword history, promote existing answers, and retarget the visitors.

  • Premium account

    Although Quora doesn’t offer premium profiles, Reddit and YouTube have created this model for monetization. For example, the premium profile can benefit from an ad-free experience, gain access to powerful analytics, showcase a premium profile badge like LinkedIn premium profiles.

  • Community-driven donation

    When your members are getting immense value from your platform, it is quite possible to ask the members to donate money to ensure that the site operates smoothly. These days, it has become easier to simply use a payment processor such as Stripe and PayPal to receive payment.

  • Third-party ad networks

    You can earn money from the Q&A website by showing ads from programs such as Google AdSense, BuySellAds. You can even create an advertisement program by adding a sponsorship section in your newsletters. There are a large number of ad networks that can work with you to help with monetization.

Ready to create your Q&A site?

Building a question and answer site with Tribe Platform is really simple and doesn’t require you to take care of any technical details (hosting, database, security, etc.) as it is a cloud-based solution. Tribe is inspired by popular social networks and offers a collection of digital interaction best practices to enable users to connect and engage at a deeper level under your brand.

Tribe is modular and fully customizable so you can create your community exactly the way you need. You can also install the apps and integrations to extend the functionality and drive further customization via a comprehensive API. Since the platform already offers the features to launch a Q&A site, with Tribe your go-to-market timeline is significantly reduced.

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