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Creating a Professional Social Network like LinkedIn

Create a social network like LinkedIn with a completely customizable and feature-rich online community platform.

LinkedIn boasts of more than 675 million monthly users and 30 million companies on its social network. This online platform is considered as the go-to site for professional networking, recruitment, and new business development. Its business model is so robust that it serves both consumers and companies. No wonder, many other businesses are also getting built based on this model with a touch of unique value or focus on a specific niche.

If you are looking to build a professional social network like LinkedIn, you must be at par with the existing services that LinkedIn offers and go beyond by adding something new as well. Everything from modern design and social media best practices to SEO and strong revenue generation capability must be considered. Read on to learn different features to consider and solutions to evaluate when creating a professional social network.

Top factors to consider when building
a social network like LinkedIn


Everything you need to keep members engaged

  • Register as a member
  • Create profile
  • Add connection
  • Manage connections
  • Create posts
  • Newsfeed
  • Upload images and videos
  • In-app chat
  • Search
  • Profile settings
  • Upvote/like and comment

Admin activities

Establishing a robust framework for building the social network

  • Community configuration
  • Social network design
  • Member management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Notification management
  • Moderation
  • Groups and topics structure
  • Content management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Gamification system
  • Third-party integration
  • API and Webhooks

Revenue stream

Sustaining and growing the business with cash flow

  • Premium subscriptions
  • Learning and development solutions
  • Marketing and advertising services
  • Recruitment solutions

Different solutions for building a social network like LinkedIn

Although there are several ways to create social networks, given below are the most popular options.


Outsourcing to external web and mobile app development agency is an option when you need to build a fully customized social network. It would take high capital and time investment. Usually, the core idea of the social site would be so unique that none of the existing services would be able to fulfill that requirement.

SaaS (Cloud-based solutions)

With a SaaS product, you donā€™t have to take care of hosting, coding, maintenance, security, and other facets of running an application. A SaaS solution allows you to customize your community up to a great extent and helps you get started with a monthly subscription. Cost is considerably lower than outsourcing.

Open-source solutions

Another approach is to assess open-source software such as Telescope Nova or WordPress and BuddyPress ecosystem and find up to what extent you can reuse these existing solutions. Then you would have to again work with a development team to customize your professional social network and take care of maintenance as well as security.

In-house development

This approach primarily encompasses hiring and building a technical team that can develop the social network exactly based on your specifications. This is also capital intensive and the timeline to launch the social network also takes a longer time. Just like any other option apart from SaaS, the in-house solution also requires you to take care of the maintenance.

Tribe is empowering the new
generation of knowledge-driven internal communities


Co-creator @hubitat.org

When you request an answer or ask for a feature, they get back to you with their full dedication. You will partner with them.


UCLA Health

We really like the team/customer support they are ready and willing to help us whenever we have questions or comments.


Cloudnine Hospitals

I would recommend Tribe to anyone who wants to build a community from scratch with no-code software.

Amy Bryant


Tribe is an efficient and effective way to build customer engagement. We are able to improve our product and help users.



Tribe has allowed us to rapidly experiment with new ways to connect the learners and tutors and build a unified experience.

Kathleen W.

Tim HortonsĀ® Foundation Camps

Ability to customize Tribe Platform to meet our campersā€™ and program needs has been critical as we have pivoted our programs.



In a few days, we were able to launch our sleek, responsive, modern, flexible and powerful community portal with Tribe.

Andy N.


I would highly recommend Tribe to organizations looking to strengthen their brand and build credibility with customers.

Why Tribe is the leading platform for building
professional social media sites like LinkedIn

No technical maintenance

Since the Tribe Platform is a cloud-based solution, as a community builder you donā€™t have to worry about the hosting and technical details such as software maintenance, upgrades, database, etc. All you have to do is work on growing and moderating your community.

Customizable community platform

Tribe offers a fully customizable community platform that can be customized by selecting and showcasing different components of the community exactly the way you need. It can also completely adopt your brand guidelines to a pixel via CSS changes.

Social media best practices

Tribe, as a community platform, offers a collection of social media best practices to help you create highly engaging professional social networks. This applies to everything from the design and core platform to the modular apps that can be installed on the social network.

AI-powered activity stream

Tribe offers a sophisticated and AI-driven newsfeed that continuously learns from the member activity and behavior. This helps you deliver personalized content to the community members, boosts the engagement rate, and makes your community sticky.


Tribe offers a forever free plan without any restrictions on the number of members and content. It also allows you to point your own custom domain. The premium plan unlocks additional features such as enterprise-grade SSO, priority support and advanced apps.

Apps and API

Tribeā€™s community solution has been built with a vibrant ecosystem of apps and API that work together to extend the functionality of the core platform. There are 20+ built-in integrations with leading third-party tools to automate data flow and automate the existing process.

Data ownership

Any social network powered by Tribe completely owns the data as well. As a community owner, you can always export any content or member data. Many of our clients are already performing advanced text analytics on the user-generated content.

Modern design

Social networks powered by Tribe come with a beautiful and modern design that is based on modern user behavior and familiar features of social media. It can be completely customized according to your brand guidelines — right from logo and color combinations to intricate CSS modifications.

Powerful moderation

Tribe has robust moderation capabilities — it allows you to blacklist list keywords and automatically puts the content with such keywords in the moderation queue. You can also define a minimum reputation score to allow members to post content. Also, the members are empowered to report any inappropriate content.

Revenue generation systems

With Tribe, you can create systems for premium membership subscriptions, display targeted ads, sell marketing, and recruitment solutions. Its solution can also be customized to add additional revenue systems. This ensures that you have a robust cash flow engine to run the social network.

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