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What’s the difference between
Tribe and phpMyFAQ?

phpMyFAQ is one of the oldest open-source software for hosting FAQs. Tribe is a cloud-based platform that helps you build an integrated knowledge hub by keeping your static content and user-generated content related to your product in one central place and showcase relevant content when users search, browse or add questions.

Companies use Tribe to gain better customer insights from the user discussions, keep users involved by encouraging them to ask questions on topics not covered by your team, share feedback, and promote self-service.

Read on to explore why Tribe can be a robust phpMyFAQ alternative.

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Why Tribe is the leading
alternative to phpMyFAQ for knowledge base management

Social touchpoints with Q&A

With discussions and Q&A you can allow your knowledge base users to collaborate, share ideas, and co-create content. This helps you promote self-service in the community, empower the members to help each other and the content shared in the community remains up-to-date.

Multiple content types

Your team can always create any type of content with a rich editor -- right from articles and videos to short posts and links. Wherever applicable, the comments and answers can be disabled so that you can mix both static and dynamic content.

Customizable platform

Customize the knowledge base to any extent by selecting and organizing different elements of the community platform. Tribe is also highly flexible in terms of adapting to the brand guidelines so you can deliver a seamless experience. You can even merge the knowledge base in the main site's navigation.

Embeddable widgets

Tribe allows you to select valuable components of the knowledge base and embed the same in any third-party site or product. For example, certain discussions and content related to the features can be embedded in the product so that the users would be able to access the right information in a highly contextual manner.

Machine-learned content delivery

Tribe offers a sophisticated and AI-driven activity feed that continuously learns from the member activity and behavior. This helps you deliver personalized content to the community members, boosts the engagement rate, and makes your knowledge base sticky.


Tribe offers a forever free plan without any restrictions on the number of members and content. It also allows you to point your own custom domain. The premium plan unlocks additional features such as enterprise-grade SSO, priority support and advanced apps.

Powerful integration and API

Tribe delivers direct integration with popular third-party business tools including Zapier. Integrate the knowledge hub in the existing processes, use the comprehensive API to capture any type of activity inside the community and drive further customization.

Fully responsive and modern design

Knowledge hubs powered by Tribe come with a beautiful, modern, and mobile responsive design based on new-age user behavior and familiar features of social media. Deliver the exactly same experience across devices and plug in the knowledge base in the mobile app.


Tribe delivers configurable reputation management system with leaderboards, badges, and points to help you execute various gamification tactics. Also, the virtual currency system helps you influence member behavior by directly offering redeemable incentives.

Comprehensive analytics

Quickly assess the health of the knowledge base with built-in reports and deep dive by enabling third-party analytics integration. Get answers to questions such as "Which is the most popular content?", "Which resource needs an update?", "Who are the most engaged members?".

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    Get your FAQ pages migrated quickly so you can focus on building a crowd-sourced knowledge base.

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How phpMyFAQ Migration Works

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how our top-ranked customer success team will migrate your existing phpMyFAQ setup to the Tribe Platform.
1. Sign up for Tribe, create your community for knowledge-sharing, and provide the existing URL for your phpMyFAQ site.
2. Our team will confirm, and your request will be registered. Now, you will provide a SQL dump of your phpMyFAQ database.
3. The project will be assigned to one of our migration experts. Finally, tags, posts, users, and categories will be migrated to your community.
4. Depending on the version of phpMyFAQ it will take 1 to 2 weeks to complete the migration. When your community is ready, we'll let you know.
5. Now, you'll send invites to the users to create their new passwords for the community. Old passwords can't be migrated because of encryption.

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