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Short description

Tribe is a platform to build online communities based on a collection of social media best practices. Tribe is popular for its ability to deeply integrate into products and websites via a suite of customizable widgets and comprehensive API.

The boilerplate description

Tribe is a community platform that pioneered the idea of integrating social touchpoints across the user journey. It helps brands and creators to build online communities with complete customization capability and data ownership to drive customer engagement, improve retention rate, collect feedback, and improve the lifetime value.

Tribe is currently powering more than 50,000 online communities and connecting 4 million unique end-users worldwide. Some of the prominent clients include IBM, Decathlon, Pipedrive, LeBonCoin, and Skyscanner.

The company was founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada by Siavash Mahmoudian, Soheil Alavi, and Mohsen Malayeri, who migrated to Canada with a shared vision of empowering businesses and creators to build their own niche communities with features as sophisticated and superior to popular social networks.

Brand assets

Download our logo variations, typeface, and symbols. Modifying these assets in any form is forbidden. Unless we have an agreement please don't use them in a way suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Tribe.

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Need some screenshots of live communities built with Tribe? We’ve got you covered. Get high-resolution images of the communities rendered on the web and mobile.