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Affiliate Program

Join the Tribe Affiliate Program now and turn your trusted recommendations into income.

Comission Details

A perfect program for digital marketers, community managers and social media experts

First 10 Conversions

You’ll receive 15% of the subscription fee and renewal fee for your first 10 successful referrals.

11 to 50 Conversions

You’ll receive 20% of the subscription fee and renewal fee for up to 50 successful referrals.

50+ Conversions

You’ll receive 25% of the subscription fee and renewal fee for more than 50 successful referrals.

How to become a part of the Tribe Affiliate Program

1. Sign up for the program

Sign up for the affiliate program with your email address.

Get access to your unique referral link and share it with your network.

3. Collect your payments

Select your preferred collection method
and receive payments automatically.

Become a part of something exciting
and make money along the way