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The self-service support community helps you empower your customers to get the right answers at the right time on their own terms.
self-service support community

Why self-service support community is important

A self-service portal allows your customers to find solutions to their problems via a knowledge base and user-generated community. The support community can also be integrated into your ticket management system to deliver additional context to your support agents and offer holistic context around an issue.

Creating a self-service support community is great way to scale customer support, create valuable networks, collect ideas, and in the process reduce ticket volume. With this, you’d be delighting both customers and your growing team. Help users find solutions on their own in a contextual manner either inside your product or in a stand-alone support community.

Components of a self-service support community

A basic self-service support portal comprises two key components - a space to create a knowledge base and support community. Another important functionality is around solid integration with a ticketing system. This offers your customers different ways to solve their problems and help each other.

  • Knowledgebase articles

    When a customer is looking for a solution on the self-service portal, they look into the knowledge base which contains all the required details about your product and services. Some of the common elements are the glossary of different terms used in your product, FAQs, overviews, best practices, and individual tutorials on using different features.

  • Support community

    A critical part of the self-service portal is the support community which enables your customers to connect with each other, discuss, get suggestions, and solve the issues. In fact, your superusers would be equipped to help new customers to develop a sense of community. Of course, your product team can also collect feedback from the community.

Features of self-service support community software

Although there are several features in a self-service portal solution, some of the features can be critical in delivering the best tools to help customers help themselves.

Categorizing the content and members

Topics and groups can be used to give a structure to your community. For example, if you are offering different products and services, you can categorize them. Also, it is easier to find the content when they are segmented based on the common elements -- for example, categories can be created security, administration, integration, etc.

Engaging tools

The support community is a great channel to deflect the support tickets since there are many members answering and helping each other which is read by a much higher number of people. Hence your community solution must have powerful gamification, notification, and incentivization tools to keep members engaged as well as boost retention.


Sometimes the queries cannot be answered via self-service support and in these cases, there should be an easy way to create tickets so that support agents can take over. Also, when you are collecting ideas from based on the number of upvotes the community solution should be able to send the ideas to your centralized Voice of Customer tool.

Moderation tools

Keeping your community safe increases customer trust and improves the overall experience. Some of the key moderation tools include removing spammers and malicious content, closing discussion threads, merging, deleting, archiving content. The self-service software must have the right set of tools to help moderators keep the community enjoyable.

Support for different post types

Your support community must make it easy to create different types of content. Hence, there should be a rich text editor and the community must be able to process videos, images, Q&A, file uploads, etc. This ensures that both your users and the internal team have all the tools needed to create the best content and express themselves without any restrictions.

Translation and multi-Language

Taking care of multiple languages in the same support community requires the ability to deliver multi-lingual content based on the browser’s native language or the default language set by the admin. Apart from that the user interface for the administrator must also be translated to the native language to ensure easy configuration and management of the support portal.

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Why Tribe is a robust self-service support community software

Tribe is a modern community solution designed to integrate with your product to bring in social touchpoints via community content across the entire customer journey.

Powerful community platform

Tribe is a community platform with a range of building blocks to create different types of customer communities. You can configure different features and showcase different community components exactly the way you need them.

Embeddable widgets

Tribe enables you to offer social experience inside the product in the form of widgets. You can select components of the community and add them to any site or product. One example is embedding FAQs for software product features and e-commerce listings.


Tribe integrates well with a host of ticket management solutions and e-commerce platforms. Apart from 20+ direct integration with popular third-party tools, you can use Zapier to connect your community with 2000+ leading solutions.


Tribe comes with state of the art security features to protect both personal and sensitive information. Features such as user roles, permission, Single Sign-on (SSO) ensure that only the right people have the right access to the relevant content.

Modern and easy to use

Tribe is powered by a collection of social interaction best practices that we have collected by studying popular social media -- both in terms of design and functionality. Hence, both the administrators and end-users enjoy the platform and the experience.

Smart suggestions

Tribe AI can suggest potential solutions based on existing content when they are asking questions or searching. Also, the community can suggest the relevant members to request an answer from using the automated catalog of different members’ expertise.

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